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For some unknown reason the XP program makes the Linemaker screen image much smaller on the monitor than it did with previous windows programs when you go to the title page. You can change  the size of the image on the Linemaker screen to open up the program at full screen.. There is a small icon on the title page of the Linemaker program in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Click it on and scroll down the the Default selection. Click that on and go to a screen that changes the size of the screen. Choose the options setting. And then click that on. And then click on the "full screen" button. Then go back to the icon and scoll down to the Properties selection. Click it on. Then click on the "full screen" button again. Then click on "okay". And the Linemaker software will open up at full screen

I use a 32 bit computer with Windows XP to run Linemaker software. I have another computer that is a 64 bit with Windows 7. Linemaker will not run on the 64 bit computer. My research has shown that it has nothing to do with the change to 64 bit. Windows 7 will not run many 32 bit software programs. I believe the correct way to deal with this if all you have is a 64 bit computer with Windows 7 is to partition your hard drive. And make a second hard drive. Then install Windows XP onto that drive. Then you can select at start-up which operating system you wish to use Windows 7 or Windows XP. See Google instructions to fine tune the second install.

I have been led to believe that the computer language Pascal may be the only one that can crunch all the numbers used by Linemaker software for handicapping sports.  When I first tried to have this sports handicapping method  programed in the early 1980's, the programmer said that the then current language (D Base 2) could not handle all of the mathematics required to do the system  So as far as I know I am stuck with this Pascal Version. And even though it is not programed in Windows it still is a good looking, accurate and easy to use computer software program.


I guess you found out who was playing against you.


High Total Over? Even though I stopped using this on my site I still keep a win/loss record on it. This season the High Total Over is 8-3 and the Low Total Under is 5-7. I stopped using it because a lot of times this theory conflicted with the actual predicted score of the game. And I felt it was making this theory to confusing to use. So I stopped using it. The total of 63.5 points was the highest total this year. And the final score of 54-51 was the highest total score made this year also.

Another thing I wanted to point out was the final score of the NO. 48 to Phi. 7 game. I called NO. a suspect game at -7 and they wound up winning by 41 points. This has happened to me dozens of times over the years. I would call a game where I thought the line was just to low. And then that team would go on to win by 30 or 40 points. Because the line actually was to low. I had a predicted score that showed NO. to win by 18 points. And an adjusted score that showed NO. to win by 32 points. NO. was actually 41 points the better team as shown by the actual final score. However, I am living proof the point shaving in professional sports is predictable.

When I call a fixed game I want to be correct in this allegation. I am calling these games five days before the game is played. But I also want a winning record doing it so that I will not lose my credibility doing it. One of the problems we are faced with here is that not every owner of a pro football team is in on the cheating. Which leads me back to one of my favorite sayings, "If you do not rig the games of your own team, then your staff will rig them for you."

Another problem is that there are team owners who really are not involved. And their staff is being approached to rig the games anyway. They are doing this because they want to get rid of the honest owners. They want these teams to lose all of the time so the current owner will sell the team and get out. And then they will have another chance to get a owner in there that will throw in with them on the game fixing. So that the entire league will be involved.

As far as the point shaving we are watching on the money line moves goes. I feel there is enough statistical evidence to support my allegations here also. And I feel there are only two things we can do about it. We can either boycott all products advertised during the games and by professional athletes. Or we can simply stop betting on sports. You have absolutely no chance of winning. You are just pitching your money into the wind.


Despite the fact that the games are not completely over today I wanted to make the following statement.  As I stand now on the "late" line on the suspect games called before the games were even played this week my record is 2-0-1. Two wins, no loses and one tie. Good thing for Pittsburgh that they scored 14 unanswered points in the fourth quarter of their game or I would now be 3-0 on the suspect games. Well that is sports history.

I have been though this before in my handicapping career. One year I started out at 10-2 calling suspect games. Then I blew my lead on purpose. I started to call every Monday Night game the rest of the season a suspect game whether it was or was not.  And I blew that big win record big time. I was trying to thwart the betting action on the Monday Night games in Las Vegas at that time.

I wanted to hurt the profits of sports betting in Las Vegas at that time anyway I could. And at that time I realized something about sports betting in America. Even though I was calling fixed games in advance of the games being played. And even though I had a winning record doing it. The teams continued to lose the games on purpose. You would think that these teams would win the game and cover the point spread just to discredit my claims that they were point shaving. But they had to go on an rig the games in public dispite my allegations.

The reason why is there were hundreds of millions of dollars at stake. If they did not lose on purpose the mafia would have lost hundreds of millions of dollars that week. For that amount of money you can lose the game on purpose and get caught. For a couple of hundred millions of dollars you will lose and stick to the plan of corrupting sports betting in America. Even if you get caught. Just like this weekend in 2018. There is just to much money involved for anyone to consider just what the law in America is all about.

They have to lose on purpose so they can go on and be paid for it by the mafia. Even if they get caught.


This week is week #11 in the 2018 football season. It is the week before the holiday games played on Thursday 11/22/2018. Every year I try to make the same statement about handicapping these games. Based on past experience it is my belief that the teams playing will lose all of the games played this week in mass. This way most of the sports bettors in America will not have enough money to bet on the games on Thursday 11/22. All it will give the sports books a leg up on the profits to prepare for the holiday games.

On Thursday 11/22 the entire nation will be betting on only three games played that day in pro football. If the public gets the bets correct it could spell disaster for the casinos. So they plan ahead. And in the past they have fixed the Thanksgiving Day games also.


Well it looks to me like they had to get the money back they lost last week.

I have to admit my reasoning on sports betting has been affected to the point of no return. All I can see is fixed games. Whether they are fixed or not. I have been doing this for 40 years. And I doubt I could use my own judgement at this time to give out winning plays. My ideas on predicting winners in sports have been corrupted to the point my personal opinion on the games is worthless.

And because of this I see another sports betting senario this week that happens about once a year. As I see it this is something I have seen in the past. I have a problem this week with the sports betting line on Kansas City being that high. I think -18.5 points is to much. And it is unrealistically over inflated. Here is what I believe is happening this week just as it has happened about once a year. And I do not have any statistical evidence to back me up. It is just a gut feeling based on my past experiences as a handicapper. And an earlier precedent for this happened in week #3 of this season. The game was Min. at home against Buf. The line opened at Min. -16 and the line closed at Min. -17. And Min. lost the game to Buf. 27 to 6.

This week the oddsmakers are setting up the casinos to lose for the mafia. No one is going to care if Kansas City wins the game by 3,5,10,15 or even 17 points. As long as they win the game. By making the line that high the mafia can bet the game wrong and almost be guaranteed to win the bet. It is a known fact in gaming in America that the mafia will cheat the casinos anyway they can get away with. Even though the new laws in America have taken the ownership of the casinos away from them. They still consider those casinos that they once owned to be in there territory.

And when a new casino owner buys into gaming. They show up explaining their territorial rights. And then they demand a tribute every month. If you pay it then they will protect your casino from being cheated. And if you don't pay it they will cheat you all day long. They will use their own people and they will use the employees of the casinos that work for them in the Powers Club. And they will rip you off for whatever they can get every day of the year. And I think the line on KC this week is just another set up by them.


Today I am going to write about a real problem in sports betting in America. It is called the Sports Service. These are businesses that sell, what they say are, winning sports bets to the sports betting public. They tell their clients that they are winning all of the time. And that they need a good sports service like theirs so they can bet the games and win money. And some of them actually win money for their clients. But most of them lose. It is another professional gambling hoax. And as anyone can clearly see. The more money bet on a game that moves the money line. And if the public moves the line enough by all of them betting on the same team. They simply point shave the game. And no one wins. Except the casinos.

Even though I moved out of Las Vegas nine years ago. I feel nothing has changed from the time I lived there. Money talks and bullshit walks. There is so much money bet on sports in the USA that the temptation to get in on the score is just to great. So I wanted to write today about things in sports betting that I observed as I lived in Las Vegas for 30 years from 1979 to 2009.

I had a buddy who owned a major sports handicapping service. This was in the middle 1980's. And he would let me come in and help out by answering  the phones and use one of his desks in the telemarketing phone room to try and make money on my own outside of his service. One of the first things I learned about the clients of his and every other sports service is: They buy your service, they call up and get the plays and then they don't even bet the plays you give them. They bet their own plays instead. These people have been burned so many times by other sports services that they do not trust you or anyone else now in getting winning plays.

Another thing my friend showed me is a type of sports service called a consensus service. This is a sports service that would actually buy the plays, as a client, from about 20 to 25 other sports services. And then you could buy all of the plays from these services for one price that day. So, one Saturday I walk into his office. And he is using a consensus service to get the other sports services plays. He shows the list of plays to me from about 25 sports services. All the plays that day were on college football. Some services gave out only one play, some gave out two and some gave out three. Like maybe a total and a side.

I never forgot this. Not one play for all of the services in this consensus won. The 25 services lost every play. There was not one winner. I hate to think how many sports bettors using  those services lost that day.

And with my friend helping me I also learned another thing about sports services. Phone sales people who make a living selling products over the phone are extremely gifted sales people. All sales people study the technique of making sales. You can get sales audio tapes. To learn from in a  set of maybe 20 tapes. And they are good. They teach you how to sell to everyone.

But there is another twist to this. In a sales pitch the seller tries to ask the buyer a series of questions that require a Yes answer. So they ask you and get a Yes answer in about 10 questions and answers. Then they ask you if you would like to buy the product. Here is the best part. It is a known phenomenon in telemarketing that out there in the big world of phone sales there are people that cannot say No to a sales person when they ask them to buy their product. And these people get taken advantage of because of this quirk in their lives. And sports service after sports service will just keep calling them up and signing  them up for as many as ten sports services at a time or more. And then these suckers bet the plays they are given. And in about a one year time go completely broke paying for all of the services. And losing the bets on all of the losing plays they are given by these services.

Another point I want to make about sports services is what I call probability swings. While probability can favor a sports handicapper. And he could have a 70 to 80 to even  a 90 percent winning run predicting all of the games selected  in a given time. But probability in gambling has a way of finding its way back to zero. And in this case at least back to 50 percent winners. So the handicapper picks eight out of ten winners in a given time. And then he uses that winning record to sell his service to the sports betting public. So the public signs up. And then that handicapper goes into a down swing of probability and he loses for the next tens days until his probability of predicting winners goes backs to zero.

At one time while I was living in Las Vegas. There were 30 million people a year visting the casinos there. But of these 30 million people it was an accepted idea that the number of people that actually paid for professional gambling information is a market under 5,000 people. And if you are one of the unlucky 5,000 people that actually gives out your phone number to a sports service telemarketer. You can expect to get at least 50 calls a week from other sports services trying to sell you their plays also

In an effort to try and keep all of the sports services accountable for their winning and losing plays another friend of mine started  an association for monitoring the plays of all the sports services in this country. To make every one of them accountable for their claims of giving out winning plays. It was called: AADSS. American Association for Documented  Sports Services. And it got really big. Everyone signed up to have their plays documented. And I feel they really did something positive. Here the public could now subscribe to this association and really find out who was winning and who was losing. They set the standard for monitoring sports betting in America.

However, in latter years they fell pray to corruption also. Because of how big my sports system was winning at that time I was under attack everyday from all angles in an effort to get me out of gambling and to completely take over my system to make the official sports betting line. So one day this jack ass calls them up and he tells them that he wants them to change the listing of my sports service. I owned the DBA at that time for Sports Services. And he told them that from now on he wanted me listed as Jim Gohlke's Sports Services. And they did it. And then he sent me materials from his business for 20 years as Jim Gohlke's Sports Services. It is the cheapest shot ever taken at me in my handicapping career there.

So then he tells them also, as the sports service monitoring idea is reaching it highest heights in this country, that he wants them to always list him at 50 percent winners. That is a record of his plays winning only half of the plays he is giving out. And they did that also. And at first you might think that there is harm in this. He is not lying that he has 60 percent winners or more. Just half of his plays win. But in reality he was only winning about 25 percent of his plays.

And here is the most incredible thing about the big jack ass. Every week for 40 years he would give out his weekly key selection. That is to say this was his most important play of the week. His key play. He actually became known for this play every where in Las Vegas. And he lost every week for 40 years. He would employ people to go out to every bar in Las Vegas on Saturdays and Sundays. And these people would get you into a conversation about betting sports. And they would laud him as a handicapper that never lost. And you should now go and sign up for his service and get in on all the winning action right now

It became a thing in Las Vegas. But for a different reason than he wanted. I once talked to a sports bettor at a bar. And he told he had been using this guys sports service for ten years. And I told him there was no way. He lost all of time. And he said I know that. But every time he gave out the weekly key selection he just simply bet it the other way. If Chicago was playing Detroit that day. And he gave out as his weekly key selection to bet on Detroit. Then this guy would then just bet on Chicago instead. And he told me he won money betting sports that way for ten years. And eventually the sports betting public living in Las Vegas started betting like this also. And they still do it the exact same way to this day. They bet the opposite of the weekly key selection. As soon as one person finds out the weekly key selection they pass it all over the industry. And then it is up to each individual to determine as to if they should bet this play wrong also. Jimmy's Believe It Or Not.


I thought today I would say a few things on my own observations on sports handicapping in America. First of all let me say this: I never, as an illegal bookmaker from 1973 to 1978, booked straight bets on the football and basketball games. When you see all of the infomation on this web site. It all came after I quit being an illegal bookmaker and moved to Las Vegas in 1979. There were only 400,000 people living there at that time. So it was easy to get a job there in the gaming industry. I started out as a craps dealer, then I was a poker dealer and then I made a career dealing 25 major poker tournaments. I worked in the casinos for 10 years.

And I did not bet the football and basketball games while I was a bookmaker either. One year I bet $100 on two Monday Night football games and I won both of them. And that year I bet $200 on the Superbowl and I won that bet also. I was not a handicapper back then. And professional handicapping information on sports was in its infancy in this country. I got the idea about handicapping  sports in 1977 when I bought a sports betting newsletter out of Oklahoma. And it won on the plays it gave out every week of the season. In 1980 I actually started publishing my predicted score system in their football tabloid magazine also in Oklahoma. And I won every week also.

Back then the only information you could get on sports was the local newspaper. They publish all the statistics on the teams everyday of the year. Which has led me to this axiom about gambling. You cannot predict the winner of a sporting event using the statistics in the newspaper. At least I never did. What got me started on this path of handicapping sports was when I went to the first sports handicapping seminar held in Cleveland, Ohio. I think it was in 1977. It was at the Sheraton Hotel at the Cleveland airport.

It was run by Mort Olshan. The publisher of a sports newletter called the Gold Sheet. At that time that newsletter was the standard in sports handicapping. I think it cost $5.00 a week? He used single digit power ratings to handicap football in his newsletter. He ran a full page ad in the then new gambling magazine called Gambling Times. He said if you signed up in advance you could get in for half price. I think the price was $150.00. So me and buddy went to the door the night of the seminar and we talked our way in for half price also. I paid for the whole thing being a rich bookmaker and all.

There were alot of men at this seminar. I don't recall just how many were there. But I remember that it stood out to me that the hall was packed. Mort Olshan went on a tour of all of the big cities in this country. He was the very first sports handicapping seminar in America. And I thought it was good. He gave out materials and in these he plugged a predicted score system for football by Game Plan magazine. This is where I got the original idea for using predicted score to handicap sports. And I went out and got a copy right away.

Game Plan had offensive and defensive power ratings to predict the final score of the football games. But they had only single digit offensive  power ratings for handicapping basketball. I came along years later and invented predicted score for basketball by adding the defensive rating for making a predicted score for basketball. And Game Plan did not show you how to make power ratings. They published their first set of ratings in the magazine and showed you how to adjust them every week of the season. I not only showed the sports betting public how to make power ratings. I upgraded the adjustment of them used every week of the season.

There were many ways to predict the football games back then. The Gold Sheet used just the offensive ratings. Game Plan used offensive and defensive ratings. And there was a new young handicapper getting started that was using a Yards per Points system. His name was Mike Lee. He popularized the idea of using the teams yards gained in a game statistic to figure out what  their scoring potential would be in every game. He went on to write a book about it. I believe it was published in 1979. And Mike Lee went on to be the greatest sports handicapper of all time. And he won more sports handicapping contest than anyone else in Las Vegas.

He really excelled at college football and major league baseball. I think that the way he sold his winning plays in his sports service was that you had to pay him $1000.00. And for this you got his plays in every sport every day for one year. Another nice thing thing about Mike Lee is that he monitored himself. He kept an accurate record of his winning and losing plays in his sports newsletter every week of the year. Just like I do.Which has led me to make another axiom about handicapping sports. It is easy to monitor yourself when you are winning all of the time.

The only mistake he made in his life was when he tied in with one of  the biggest chumps in gaming history. He got involved with a sports service that was losing the plays on purpose. Back then what they did was lose on purpose for the first four weeks of the season. And then they would call the losing players up and sell them another sports service. One that they said had a winning record already that year. I think they called this practise Re-Loading. It became such a big problem that the State of Nevada came out with new telemarketing laws that stopped the practise of Re-Loading. You can find this sports service owners name listed in the Las Vegas phone book. It is listed under Jack Ass.

So back to the seminar. There came a point where Mort Olshan was soliciting questions from the audience. So I asked a question and I caught him off guard. I asked him if he had a formula for making one point. And he could not answer the question. So he asked me just what did I mean. So I said like let's say a team is playing at home how do you figure out the teams advantage to playing at home one point at a time? Or something like that. And he answered that a team playing at home is considered to be a three point advantage.Which was not the answer I was looking for. And in upcoming years using my system I was able to prove that there never was a three point advantage to playing at home. And that a team could even have a disadvantage to playing at home.


I think by now it is obvious I do not care whose toes I step on in this newsletter. This point shaving scandle in America is now a war between me and those involved. This has been going on in pro football and pro basketball for 50 years now. I have caught teams point shaving on this web site hundreds of times in 20 years.

I guess no one really knew that the HG would send someone at this point and time on Earth that could hear all of your dirty little business deals behind closed doors. I realize this is a tough way to get caught. But you are tough criminals. And as I see it the only way to deal with you is to use tough measures. Ever since the holiday games played on Thanksgiving Day were rigged some time back. I have waited to get you for my entire life.

And as I said before I am not the one you have to sweat. I am only another human being. You have to sweat the big guy upstairs. He is the one in charge. And let me be very clear about this crime. You cannot commit a crime against humanity on this planet and get away with it after you die. You are not only fools for being involved in point shaving at this level. I am calling you American traitors and witches. They don't use the word witchcraft in popular American slang anymore here. And yet this is exactly what it is. You are doing the exact opposite of what you are supposed to do in pro sports.

You are being paid to lose on purpose. And you are doing it for one of the largest murdering organizations in the world. The way I see it. If my writings and revelations hurt your feelings. And if I ruin your life and reputation because of my muckraking journalism: That is just your tough shit for being born on this planet in the first place.


Happy Holloween 2018. Now that the 2018 Pro Football season is at the midway point of the season, I wanted to write a recap of the first half of the season as I see it. So here it goes. As I said last year, the teams with or getting the new stadiums always wind up in the playoff games and the Superbowl game. Last year the L.A. Rams went to the playoffs. And this year both the L.A. Rams and the L.A.Chargers are both having spectacular seasons. I predict both teams will be in the playoffs this year because the new stadium will be ready next year.

What I want to know is getting a new team owner is the same as getting a new stadium? And what I want to know is having a team owner die is the same as getting a new stadium? The public is being let know in both situations that they have every reason to keep coming to the games. Despite the change in personel. Both teams are winning. So everyone who has season tickets can rest assured they will be treated to winning games the rest of the season no matter who owns the team.

Also I see two teams are already bowing out of the playoffs this year: Atlanta and Minnesota. Last year Minnesota had to give it up in the last round of the playoffs. It would have been to obvious if they got the new stadium and showed up at the Superbowl at their own stadium in the same year. This year the Superbowl is in Atlanta. Here again it would be to obvious if Atlanta went to the Superbowl again at their own stadium.

The best part about Atlanta is that they are not that good of a team. They went to the Superbowl in 2016 because they got a new stadium also. Last year I was watching an Atlanta game. They were winning the game, but they were not covering the point spread. And the opposing team fumbled the ball. Atlanta was at about the 20 yard line on first down with about one minute to play in the game?. It would have been an automatic field goal. And they would have covered the point spread and won the game. Then I heard the Atlanta coach tell the quarterback to "Give it back". And on the next play, on first down, the quarterback fumbled the ball back to the opposing team. Time then ran out. Atlanta then won the game and did not cover the point spread. And they will not be there in the playoffs this year either.They already had their turn. It is someone else's turn this year.


As it has become apparent again that the sports betting line in America is being used to rig the NFL games, I decided to make a statement on where the line comes from in the first place. Now I do not have any proof of what I am about to say. But given the nature of this crime. Who cares if I have proof or not. The mafia is making the line and the mafia is rigging the games. And if my allegation is completely wrong then so what. Who cares. As far as I am concerned anyone in gaming is fair game for me. Like it or not. It is a Ripley's Believe It Or Not story.

I think it was in the middle 1980s'. One day in Las Vegas there is a full page ad in the local newspaper from a bookmaker living in Australia. And the ad basically states that he is here to get something going in sports betting in America just like he has going for him in Australia. So he invites the entire sports betting industry to a local seminar so they could all meet and discuss ideas for him to get involved in sports betting in the USA.

I did not go. But I heard everyone in sports betting in Las Vegas went and met with him. This is what I have been lead to believe as to what happened as a result of this seminar. He was approached by several people who were involved in fronting for the mafia on the line. Like Vic Salerno and so on. Vic Salerno was the founder and head of an organization called NARASO. The Nevada Association of Race and Sports Book Operators. So they made deal with the guy from Australia.

The way I understand how the deal went down is that Vic decided to sell the line to this guy. He would send the first line overseas to him. Then this guy would sell it back to the USA. He would sell it back to all of the okayed line service companies operating in Las Vegas at that time. This way no one could get the line unless they were in with Vic. And then these line services would sell the line to the local Las Vegas casinos. This was done this way so no one could tie the Las Vegas casinos to the mafia who were making the line. And no one could accuse Vic of point shaving as he booked millions fo dollars of sports betting action every year in his Leroys Sports Books. This is why he choose Michael Roxborough to front for him on the line. And actually pretend he was me on the line.

The local casino owners at that time were told by the mafia to go along with the new front on the line so it would take the heat off of Vic on the line. And they even got a story written about Mike and Vic in Time magazine. And they both had their picture on the cover. This is when I walked into Leroys and publicly barred Vic from the kingdon of heaven at the top of lungs in front of over 100 of his customers. And they were already using my line at that time. That Time magazine article cost the American Sports Bettor over 100 billion dollars down the road as Vic manipulated the line for the mafia. That article was the biggest mistake ever made in American journalism.

You think this is a fantasy? I have been saying the same thing for 20 years. Who makes the line? There is not one person in gaming in America that can tell you who makes the line. It is a secret. And if we knew who that person is then we could have that person arrested for point shaving in American sports. See for yourself. Ask around who makes the line. And see if you can get an accurate response.


Today I want to make a statement about playing poker on-line. There are on-line casinos all over the world. And they allow playing poker for real money. Here again I am saying that this part of gaming in America and all over the world is nothing more than a mafia hoax. Computer programming in gaming is an amazing thing. You can tell the computer to do whatever you want it to do. You can program an on-line poker site to let certain players win all of the time. And you can program the on-line poker sites to make certain players lose all of the time.

I actually experienced this about 12 years ago. I signed up to play poker on-line for real money at an on-line casino in the Bahamas. Remember that I dealt 25 major poker tournaments during my carreer as a poker dealer on the tournaments in Las Vegas from 1979 to 1989. And I played poker in live games all of my life. And even more so when I lived in Las Vegas from 1979 to 2009. The problem with playing live poker in Las Vegas at that time was the mechanic dealers. I never played poker in the casinos in Las Vegas at that time where I was not cheated in every game I played for 30 years. And I never played cards in Las Vegas casinos without the cards being marked.

And the management of every casino where a poker tournament  was played during that time rigged every tournament played. If you look back at the tournament winners list at that time you can see that the same players won all the tournaments at that time? Why did they get away with it all of that time. The Gaming Control Board and the officials of gaming control in Nevada were all in on it. That is to say they knew they were cheating but there was nothing they could do about it.

What happened is that I came along around 1984 and turned in 16 professional poker players that I said were cheating the tournaments. The gaming control people refused to act and the cheating went on for some time. I now call them the Binions Cheating Ring. These 16 players went on to win over 100 million dollars in tournament and side games played during these tournaments at that time. What happened is that the gaming control board was getting monthly "pad" money from the pioneering gaming families to look the other way on cheating allegations. And everyone on the gaming control was getting money every month from these pioneering gaming families. So because they were getting the monthly payoff  money they could not act on the cheating of the tournaments. Call it hush money.

The mafia is really a slick organization. One of their favorite watch words is that: Nobody turns down money. Well that is another story about gaming control we will deal with later on. But on-line poker is different. First of all the on-line casinos on the internet are all run by organized crime. And when you play poker on-line you are playing against a computer program. Against a program that can make a million decisions in a matter of seconds. And what they do is they program a thing called "Poker Botts" into their casino poker. And these Botts control the game. And they can be turned against "rated players" like myself.

After playing poker for 50 years. And dealing poker on 25 major poker tournaments I have an inert feeling for the probability of playing poker and how to win at poker all of the time. I made a study of it for 50 years. But not when I went on-line in live money games. I never won. And the way I was losing showed me that the probability of winning poker had nothing to do with the fact I was losing. I was playing against the computer, not the other players. The computer was giving me losing hands all of the time. I will never forget one losing senario that I witnessed in on-line poker. And I witnessed this many times while I was playing on-line.

In order to maximise the profits of on-line casinos that offer poker the computer program gives winning hands to players and then gives the same players losing hands in the hands that follow. I can't tell you how many times I saw the computer give every player at the table a winning hand one player at a time. In a table where there were ten players. Each player won one hand at a time. In in the ten hands played every player at the table won one hand each in the ten hands played. Everyone at the table was just spinning their wheels. Able to win one out of every ten hands played. At the cost of playing against a computer program.


As I look at the WNBA schedule for 2018, I see that the season this year is three months long. That is not alot of time. It will take Linemaker software just about two weeks to get the entry data needed to make the initial set of power ratings. Because of the limited amount of time for the WNBA this year, I plan to use the same data entry on the same date and make the home and away ratings at that time. If you wish to follow the textbook version for making the home and away ratings (Linemaker Classic) that is okay. It will just take you a little longer to get all the data needed.

Because of the short season I am going to cut to the chase on making the ratings. As I said earlier you should use the Linemaker software as a sports handicapping hobbiest. Not as a professional gambler. And once again I am not going to use the official opening sports betting line for the WNBA. I am going to just handicap the games straight up. You can do whatever you like. And just to get things going, I am going to use the pre-season stats to make a set of ratings to use during the first two weeks of the season. This will give us something to watch as we wait for the correct entry data needed to make the official intial WNBA Linemaker power ratings. Good Luck!


On 5/18/2018 will be the tip-off game for the 2018 WNBA season. This year there will be 12 teams playing for the WNBA this year. For twenty-two years now this professional Women's Basketball league has been in existence. And all of the college women's basketball leagues in the USA are actually where women's pro basketball actually had its beginnings. And the women that play professional and collegiate basketball have brought forward in America a truly remarkable sport. A game of basketball that is unique to women athletes. And a feminine sport truly loved and followed by the American sports enthusiasts.

The actual playing of Women's basketball is an art form. There are many rules and regulations for playing this game. And it is as feminine as it gets. While the women compete against each other in this once male dominated sport. They do it with a flair unique to the culture of what women bring to everything on Earth. They do it as women first. And professional athletes second.

The following is an explanation of just how the game of women's basketball is actually played. The rules, how they score, how they foul and just what all the shots on the basketball court  in women's basketball are all about. And what playing ball is all about.

At the beginning of the game there is a "jump the ball". That is two players. One from each team jump up to get the ball tossed above their heads. Then the team that controls the jump ball is the first team to move the ball towards their basket for a first score.

As the game moves forward from the jump ball, the equipment onto the basketball court comes into play. There is a "backboard" which has a "hoop" and onto that hoop is a "net". Players shoot the ball against the backboard and into the hoop and thru the net on the hoop. And they make a score.

The modern layout on the basketball floor allows for two kinds of scoring in women's basketball. There is a close up shot on the floor for players that give them two points each for that shot into the hoop. And there is a further away shot on the floor for players that give three three points each for a shot into the hoop.

And for those players attempting a two point shot, there is a one point shot if that player is fouled, by the opposing team, in the process of trying to score in the first place. It is called a free throw. A shot from the free throw line is for one point. And depending on the type of foul a player can get two free throw shots from the line.

After every score on the basket. The players in-bound the ball and the game continues. But during the game there are many rules as to how the game can be played.
Every player must follow the rules of the game or they can be called for a foul. And most fouls call for the player fouled to get  free shots at the line for one or two points. Depending on the actual foul and when the foul took place. And if any single player commits four fouls in a game, that player can be eliminated from the game altogether as the game continues. That player has fouled out.


Reaching In: This is when a player tries to steal the other players ball by reaching in and grabbing his ball.
Palming the Ball Over: This is when a player continually turns the ball over with her hands while pumping the ball up and down.
Steps: This is when a player is dribbling the ball and walking at the same time.
Dribbling: This is how you move the ball around. You continue to dribble the ball up and down as you move towards the opponents basket. You bounce the ball up and down for each step you take on the court.
Double Dribble: You are not allowed to "double dribble" the ball as you move down the court. That means you cannnot move the ball a second time after youstop moving down the court. You are only allowed one dribble session at a time.
Goal Tending: You can block a shot into the hoop as long as you block the shot on its way up. If the ball has arched and it is on its way down to the hoop you cannot block the shot.
Out of Bounds: The last person to touch his ball that goes off the court gives the ball to the opposing player and the ball is inbounded again.
Fouling: This can be to just grab the player with the ball to prevent her from making a shot into the hoop. If it is while she is actually shooting the shot she can get a two point free throw from the line. Or a one point free throw from the line.


The idea is to get the ball into the hoop and thru the net to score.

Missed Shot: This when a player shoots a shot, but does not make it. The ball hits the hoop and then bounces back and forth in the hoop. And then pops out of the hoop and does not go into the basket. While the other players try to rebound that ball for another shot at the basket.
Layup: This is when a player takes a close shot at the basket. The player first bounces the ball against the backboard from close range. And puts the ball into the hoop and thru the net.
Swish Shot: This is when a player shoots a shot at the basket. And the shot goes into the hoop and then goes into the net on the hoop. And the shot never touches the hoop and goes thru the net as it hits the net. And makes the net swish during the shot.
Slam Dunk: This is when a guy takes the ball by the hand. And then slams the ball into her hoop and into her net for the score.

And in closing: when you think of the WNBA. They are just a bunch of little tini-tiny little petite girls. That is all that they are: "little tini-tiny little petite girls. That play women's ball."


When I first invented Basketball Linemaker around 1980, the first season I used it in, I did not win very well with it.  So then I got invited by Jack Painter to come in on his sports handicapping classes at the local community college. So I assisted him with the football class. And then I did my own basketball class. I did not think the basketball system was all that powerful. But I thought it was a good idea anyway.

At that time I did not have a car. So I could not get down to the casino and get the betting line on a regular basis. So I would just handicap the games, get the final scores that night and then handicapping the games for the next day. So I did not know the system started winning big against the official line. I show up one week for the once a week class and a couple of students brought up the fact that I hit nine out of nine games against the line the previous day. And it went on to win about 75 percent plus for the entire season. That is against the line for every game played that year. That was the first year the casino industry lost money the entire season on pro basketball.

Then I published the Power Rating Chart for basketball in February,1982, in Gambling Times Magazine. That created an explosion of ideas and system variations all across the country. And it did something else. From that point on point shaving took over pro basketball. And I believe that as much as half of the games played every season since then were rigged. I am of the opinion now that because of all of my programs that the public has downloaded for free all over the world pro sports in America will have to continue to be rigged every week of the season from now until the end of time. Or the casinos simply will not make a profit booking these sports wagers.

One senario I picked up on this year for point shaving was when a major favorite team would go on the road. And in their first road game, while being a major favorite to win the game would simply lose the game straight up to the big underdog team. This serves a double purpose. The team can blow a game on purpose. But they do not have to do it at home with their own fans watching. And two it makes the lesser winning underdog team look great with their own home fans. "Wow, did you see our team betting the league leader last night. I am going to start to go to the games more often now."

Another thing I noticed was the lowering of the line to create suspect games. After the All Star game I made a note on my handicapping sheet in the weeks that followed eight games where I thought the line was to low for a favorite of that many winning games during the season. I went 7-1. What does this mean. Nothing! I did not call the suspect games in advance of the game. So my win/loss on those suspect games here has no merit. But it does show I thought the line was wrong? And I had a winning record predicting those games.

I think the real problem we are faced with today in betting on sports is the on-line casinos. They are manipulating the outcome of the games and making huge profits doing it. By betting with these casinos you are letting them know which teams they need to manipulate in order to make a profit booking sports every week.

I think that Linemaker Software should be used by the sports hobbiest only. If you look at my winning record for football and basketball for 2017-2018, you can clearly see that I have a statistical mathematical advantage. But I feel the advantage is not enough to win money actually betting on the games. One of the big pluses of using this system is you can handicap the entire game schedule every day of the season. And when you go to close out the system so you can move on to the next week of the season, the software adjusts itself with over 300 calculations and adjusts itself in less that one second.

You can clearly see I had a winning record in all four sports this year. And I got the championship game correct for every league played. But the win percentage is not as high as it used to be in the early years when Linemaker was first invented. What can we do about all of the point shaving in American sports? We can simply stop betting on the games. We can stop just giving our money away for nothing.

I feel that the upcoming playoffs in pro basketball have already been decided on as to who and when a team will win and lose. It is nothing more than a dog and pony show. Just like it has been for at least the last 40 years.


As the people of America suffer through another school shooting it seems to me that a movement of social activism is beginning. A movement of the people of the United States to try and get new laws formed to make these school shootings harder for mass murderers to commit. The time has come to do more now than we have ever done before on this issue. But the fact of life is that this type of massacre is never going to stop. There are over 300 million people living in the USA. And I wonder if anyone knows how just many guns that there really are owned by American citizens in this country?

The problem with gun control in the United States is that the criminal element in this country will always have access to guns no matter what. Now the idea has come up in the state of Texas to make teachers and local school employees into certified "peace officers". And train them to carry and use guns to protect the local schools from this type of mass shootings.

I think this is a grandeous idea of protectionism that is ill formed. If you think you are going to take ordinary citizens and elevate them to the level of terrorist combatants, I strongly disagree. If you think every peace officer you ordain will rise up to the status of hero under fire, I strongly disagree. When a human being is put into a life and death threathening situation, the first instinct will be that of self survival. After all of years of evolution of mankind, we still feel we are number one. And we will react to a life threathening situation in a matter consistent with self preservation. And that does not include risking our lives for the lives of others. I believe that overall these peace officers will fail in their prescribed duties in the first line of defense in our country's schools. These are just regular people who got a college degree to have a career in education. They are not dedicated to the idea of protectionism under fire.

We depend on trained law enforcement professionals in this country to uphold the law and peace and stability of this country. These are people who are properly trained. And through on the job experience are further trained to protect the citizens of this nation. They have sworn an oath to risk their own lives for the safety of all the other lives of the people in their local community. We have to continue to put our faith in law enforcement to do the job they are mandated to do in the first place.

But in terms of gun control in America we have issues that are just important as these school shootings. Statistics show that in America there are over 25,000 deaths a year from handguns. We are and have been killing each other in this country for just under 300 years using guns. Guns that we have a right to own because of the Constitution of the United States. Who in this current movement against gun violence is going to speak up for these 25,000 deaths a year?

I say the time has come to realize that the very fundemental ideas that this country was formed on no longer work for modern society as we know it. Times have changed, people have changed and our way of life has changed. And I believe to the point of no return. We need a complete overhaul of the goals, ideas and the future way of life in this country. It is a question of our own self survival. And we need to address it now with new laws and a new way of dealing with crime in this country.


If we, the citizens of America, are to arm every teacher in this country with a hand gun. Then why not arm every employee of the airports, the banks, the singles bars, the casinos and all of the shopping malls. And while we are at it why not get every American to go back to the ways of the old wild west. We could all start carrying holsters with two six shooters each on our hips again. Then we could all protect ourselves and each other from harms way no matter what the circumstances.

School teachers are not combatants.


I have said before that once an idea is introduced to mankind you cannot stop it. Ideas live in the minds of  humans forever. It is what mankind is all about. Ideas, inventions, new ways of doing things, new technology and new science. It is what makes mankind to strive to move forward in life on Earth. Positive ideas about life that make for a more positive life experience on this planet for all humans.

And this gun violence problem is no exception. We need to use modern ideas, modern technology and science to defeat this life threatening situation on this planet. In the minds of men we can overcome any obstacle to the health and safety of mankind. Another idea I have had, which is right out of science fiction, is to create a type of ammunition used in guns that can be deactivated by a WI-FI signal? How? God only knows.

With all of the guns made and sold on Earth for the last 300 years, I feel it is safe to say that those weapons are here to stay. WI-FI or not. But every weapon, no matter when or where it was made, needs ammunition. And ammunition is expendible. That is to say the current inventory of ammunition on this planet will at some point in the future become used and depleted. All we need to do is invent a new type of ammunition. One that can be deactivated by a WI-FI gun control signal. Or maybe we could invent a type of gun with a retractable firing pin. One that when hit with a gun control WI-FI signal would retract the firing pin so the weapon would be unable to lauch any ammunition in it. And have the firing pin retracted in a way that it becomes permanently retracted to make the gun useless to fire. That is until a federally licensed gun smith can reverse the firing pin retraction and return the gun to everyday use by hobbiest and recreationalist. And then pass on the repair information to the federal goverment.

Jim The Bookie.


I have a kind of far out idea today on how to stop the gun violence in this country. And I do not know if this idea is even possible. But if we all put our minds together on this issue then anything is possible.

Many grocery stores in America have adopted a new idea to thwart the stealing of grocery carts from their stores. The new carts have a locking mechanism on the wheels that is activated by a remote control device in the store parking lot. When a person pushes the shopping cart to the edge of the parking lot the wheels, now out of range of the remote signal of the store, lock up. And you cannot push the cart any further. And you cannot take the cart off of the parking lot.

What if we could use this kind of remote control device in reverse. That is, what if all guns were equipped with a mechanism so that when the gun comes into the remote control range of a gun control device, the gun is disabled and made unable to fire. We could put these remote gun control devices in schools,casinos, airports, banks, concerts, bars and shopping malls. And no gun would be able to function in these public places. I am now calling it a "WI-FI gun control".

This way the sports and recreation people could still have guns. The military and law enforcement people could still have guns. You could still have a gun in your own home for self protection. You just would not be able to shoot people in public anymore.

I am now challenging all gun manufacturers in the world to get together and develop such a device. If such an idea goes into effect. It would be the end of this problem. We can call it the gun of the future. In my own simple way of thinking about this gun idea I thought that maybe it could work something like this. Every gun would have a computer chip in it. And this chip could be activated by small batteries. If you do not upload the batteries then the gun will not even activate in the first place. And then this chip has the ability to deactivate the gun. And when the gun comes into a public place with a WI-FI gun control it is automattically deactivated. And we can limit the range of this WI-FI gun control to only have a range of the facility it is placed at.

And if you feel that the idea of making a device like this is impossible. I am telling you now that the idea of stopping this type of mass shootings on this planet is even more impossible. We could even give this future gun a snappy name like: MSX1 or WFGC1. Our military establishment here in America are experts at developing weapons. How about they take a chance on this or other similar type gun development just for the sake of trying.


This is the second time in a year. I have decided to make a statement about the gun violence in this country. It really is none of my business. And yet this type of public massacre is the business of every citizen of this country. Everyone is saying we need to come up with new solutions to this problem. I feel to find a solution we need to fully understand just what this problem in Florida was all about. And I feel given the scope of information I know about this mass killing, I may be the only person, with the correct insight into this event, who can put it in the correct context. The following explanation comes from my own real life experience here on Earth. And it is meant to help cure this evil that exists in the minds of human kind.

Like everyone else I saw the news reports on TV. Which leads me to make the same statement I made just after the Columbine shooting. The way our national media covers these shootings in such detail  that the actual facts of the case are creating what I call Copy Cat killers. The American media is training the next deranged individual watching the coverage in the news on how to create a mass murder attack.

So in these news reports a lot of facts of the case were reported. He was a kid in teenage trouble all the time. This got him expelled from school. His mother recently died. As an orphan he wound up living with a family of one of his friends. He looked to me to not be a very good looking kid. His classmates at school said they did not trust him, they did not like him and they thought he was a little wierd. He had recently joined and entered into a training program of a local white supremacist group. And after he was captured and confessed to the crime, he told the police he heard voices in his head telling him to kill his former classmates and teachers.

For many years I have been writing about the fact, as I know it, that Satan is killing people on Earth. This is because Satan's goal is to destroy mankind, any way he can, because he blames all of mankind on Earth for his being punished and banished from heaven by God. When this boy said he heard voices telling him to kill people, he was actually being hit with a "counterfeit" suggestion from Satan. Satan was trying to and succeeded to get this boy to destroy his former classmates and himself. And when the whole event was over this boy was left to answer for the crime alone. A crime that was invented in his mind by Satan. I call it auto-suggestion. Or a counterfeit thought.

The reason why I can say this is because I have been hit with counterfeits, from Satan, every day for 40 years. I have had Satan suggest to me everyday that the way to get even with the people who interfered in my life was to kill them. Lucky for me I was involved in a religious movement against the mafia. And I knew what was happening to me and I did not succumb to the suggestions. I believe that this kid was weakened mentally by the real life events he was living. This made him a prime target for Satan.

I believe this kid had no formal religious education. I believe he was ignorant to what life is all about because he, most likely, never went to church. He was not good looking and didn't make friends well. He was hispanic and most likely grew up in a community of extreme racial prejudice. He was expelled from school. His mother recently died. And he may have been suffering from depression. All of which made him lose sight of his own self image and his own esteem. His phsyche was slowly destroyed within and he fell prey to those counterfeits. And the rest is history.

While we will never be able to stop these counterfeit thoughts from Satan. But we might be able to thwart their effect by getting out and teaching our youth in America just what religion is all about. To let them know there are evil forces in this universe that have and can persuade them to make the wrong decisions in life. And that no matter how far you stray from the center of the path to righteousness, religion is the correct way to get back on track. To understand and deal with your problems in the time honored teachings of religion on Earth.

Unless you have been hit with a counterfeit, in your own life like these, you will never know just how powerful those voices and those suggestions can be. I believe, in this case, they were powerful enough to cause the deaths of 17 people.


Sunday, February 4, 2018, is a day that will live in infamy. On this day at 6:30 p.m. the people of the United States were suddenly and without provication attacked by the Empire of the M.A.F.I.A through the forces of the NFL (National Football Losers). This dastardly and cowardly sneak attack has lead me to ask the American people to declare war on this empire and its collaborating forces. Unless all citizens of this great nation come together to fight the enemy foe within, we could be looking at the entire collapse of the moral fiber of this nation as we know it. And the permanent destruction of the American culture.

While all of our servicemen fighting in other wars overseas are risking their lives for our freedoms and our way of life, this criminal empire with the help of all of these losers and other collaborators, has manipulated the outcome of the entire 2017-2018 season. The reasons for this act of treason in America are many. Self promotion and bribery are the main priorities. And a total disregard for the people of America and the suffering incurred by all of those families in the United States that lost money because of this attack. I am here on this planet, at this day and time, as a witness to this horrific crime. And my official statement on this matter is as follows. There will be no exceptions and there will be no survivors. You, the losers, can all go to hell and stay there.


According to the official results of the Wild Card Playoffs for the NFL 2018, two home teams won the games and two away teams won the games. And the underdogs covered the point spread 4-0.


To understand why handicapping Pro Basketball is not going all that well in 2017. When you use Linemaker Basketball software go to selection #7: The Spread Record chart. Here you can clearly see which teams are and which teams are not covering the point spread this season. And this chart now shows there are only a few teams with a win record against the official sports betting line.


This letter is to let you know I am having trouble with my computer. It is a 12 year old HP with XP. And it is starting to fail. If you see I am no longer current on that means it failed all together.
I am going to try and partition my newer computer, a HP with windows seven, with XP and then just move to the newer computer as soon as I can.


When it comes to point-shaving in the NFL by American quarterbacks, I call these NFL players traitors to the American cause. How could you ever think of cheating the American public in fixed games like these and then  try to establish yourselves as heros in the public eye? I guess one way is to get inducted into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame.

What they do is let these quarterbacks throw the football in the games all of the time. And then because of this these quarteracks wind up breaking all of the quarterback passing records in the NFL. While they are rigging the games each week. And they then become NFL legends. Simply because they were a part of a fixed passing game startegy which downplayed the running game stategy on these teams. Because of this the Hall Of Fame in Canton, Ohio, is an institution that is nothing more than a public joke now.

The problem you have in professional sports in America is that I am being let in on what is really going on, as to the outcome of these games as they are being point-shaved, by the HG. So you did not get away with it. So far you have gotten away with it on Earth at this time. But when you die you will answer for this crime against humanity.

Tell me if you can guess which current NFL management person gave up the chance to have a perfect winning season as quarterback for his team from week #1 to the Superbowl because his dad asked him to. According to information given me by the HG this quarterback's father got him a $?? Million payoff for the first loss of the season and an $?? million payoff for the second loss of the season. And then to cover the whole thing up they let him win the Superbowl that year. And then they got the next generation quarterback, on the same team with the same pass the ball all the time strategy,  to fix the Superbowl again. And then they let him win the Superbowl on his way out of the league to cover that up also.


One thing about point-shaving in professional sports is that it leads to another crime: money laundering. This is where they have to somehow make the money look legal. So they can then pay taxes on it and then put it into their bank accounts. How this is done goes beyond what I know about such matters. Of course one way these athletes are being paid off is by rewarding them with lucrative advertising endorsements in the American media. And I believe there are law firms in America that are doing illegal business at that level. And helping people launder money for a fee?


Today I am calling for every American patriot to get behind me in a new American movement against the NFL. I am calling this movement: SFA. This SFA stands for "Stand For America". And indivdually for every American patriot it means "I" Stand For America. With all of the point shaving going on in the NFL for the American mafia, I am really surprised to see these NFL criminals denounce the American National Anthem in public like this. These players in the NFL are American traitors. They have sold out American culture for the mafia for at least 47 years. The players of the NFL have made suckers out of all the American football sports fans. And we can no longer sit by and let this continue.

I say as a first step to take we boycott every product in America that advertises with the NFL. That is to say if you see an ad during an NFL game then you can stand up and be counted as an American patriot and boycott that product. And continue to boycott all of the products advertised during NFL games until those companies stop advertising during the games, and in the sports magazines and on-line sports sites. Jim The Bookie.


The tide is turning against the NFL players who refuse to stand during the playing of the National Anthem before the games are played. Everyone is of the opinion that these players are taking a stand in the wrong direction. One thing these football players do not seem to understand is that as a professional athlete in America: you are all just passing thru. That is to say your jobs on these teams are not permanent. There will come a time when the team will move on without you. Your time in pro sports will be over. Just as it was over for all of the athletes that came before you in previous generations. It is a fact of life. Times moves on. But will the harm you do now affect the next generation of athletes to come who may not approve of your current protest?

And at that time just where will you get your next job. I believe the harm you are doing now is unreversible. And it will thwart you in getting to your next career choice after pro football. Maybe you can be a professional protester at that time. We are not fighting wars to save our freedoms in this country for nothing. I do not think protesting in America is such a bad idea. I am a protestor to the Vietnam war. I personally believe that the Vietnam war is when America killed over 50,000 teenagers for nothing. I do not think President John F. Kennedy did the right thing in committing troops to South Vietnam in the first place. And to bad he is not here now to be held accountable for all of those deaths.

My federal draft classification on my draft card is "4-W". I am registered conciencous objector to the war. I cannot be made to bear arms in America because of my religious beliefs. And as an apostle of God I feel my beliefs are well represented by this classification. I have been a protestor all of my life. And I got in trouble when a "snafu" caused me to refuse my two year alternate service program as part of  getting the 4-W classification. Then at the end of the war I obtained "amnesty" from the US government as a result of that fiasco. I call it a double badge of courage. It was an unjust war. It was a mistake. But that does not mean I do believe in this country and the freedoms we stand for against all odds on Earth. It just means I did not fight in an unjust war.

Based on the fact that I believe every team in the NFL is involved in the point shaving of the games. I say why don't we just stop singing the national anthem at all of the games. Then there would be nothing to stand up for in the first place. Because I do not see tying in these criminals with anything that stands for America and what America is all about. These players sign contracts that state they have to play the games the way they are told to play them. If they are told to "slow the game down". Then they have to slow the game down. It is in their contract with the team. And they also sign a contract that forbids then from talking about point shaving in any way at any time.

What is happening in the NFL is that there are players earning unbelieveable salaries.And the management people running these teams are making next to nothing. So in order to get their fair share of every game played. These management people make deals to slow the games down so they can also reap the rewards of being involved in the NFL also. And if you are a player. And you refuse to rig the games. Then your time as an athlete in the NFL is limited if not completely over. And they simply get another player on the team to replace you. And to continue to slow the games down. Your longevity in the NFL depends on how well you take orders from the team management. So they can get rich just like you.


In the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting attack at the Mandalay Bay on October 1, it looks like to me that everyone is trying to figure out some kind of motive for this violent act. As a professional gambler who has been gambling for 50 years I have a few insights into this matter I thought I would share with the American public. My only reason for saying the following statement is to theorize what may have happened to this murderer in his private life to caused him to plan and carry out this shooting attack.

In the reports published on-line about this man it seems that he gambled on slots machines for years. And that he played for the highest stakes you can play for in Nevada on slot machines. Reports called him a professional gambler. First, let me straighten that statement out. There is nothing professional about paying slot machimes. Or the highly addictive form of gambling on video poker machines. It is a sucker game. No one wins anything from a computer. And with the new technology of the "smart machines" that can determine how experienced of a slot player that you actually are it is almost impossible for novice players to even win at all. This man was simply a professional sucker.

Another report said that he was winning and losing large amounts of money everyday. In a study done by Gamblers Anonymous that was published in Omni Magazine in 1984 the report came to a conclusion why people get addicted to betting on the horses at the local race tracks around the country everyday. The report said that because of the nature of how the races were run that the public would get caught up in the action as the horses raced for the finish line. And this would cause their brains to release a fluid in the brain called B-Endorfin. This endorfin is addicting. And your brain likes these endorfins so much it will not permit you to stop gambling so it can get more endorfins. And this happens from all ways of gambling. Especially playing video poker. While gambling you are constantly winning and losing during the playing session. You are massaging your own brain. And this creates the flow of endorfins into the brain.

I actually experienced this when I used to play high stakes poker. What happens is that when the day is over.You quit gambling and go home. Now your brain begins to withdraw from the endorfins. You go to sleep. And when you wake up the next day you feel aches and pains throughout your entire body. And your mind is a little fuzzy. You are withdrawing from the endorfins. And you can feel it. And the only thing that can get you back on track is to go out and gamble again. And get a new supply of endorfins to run thru your brain again. The report said that a way to counteract the withdraw is to take plenty of B vitamins when you wake up the next day.

Another thing about high stakes gambling that I can see when I look back at my own gambling career is the phsycological and emotional stress a person goes through from winning and losing every hour of the day. And the total stress of losing all of the time. It really plays havoc on your mind. It is like going on a roller coaster ride. You have highs and lows, peaks and valleys every hour of the day. And everyday of your life. Gamblers have winning streaks. And eventually they all have losing streaks also. And these losing streaks can be devistating to your own phsycological make up. It really wears you down. And losing all of the time is hard to deal with on an emotional level. It changes your life, your lifestyle, your daily routine and your appearance. It affects how you deal with your own life's problems and how you deal with the people around you. And how you deal with and manage life's little problems that pop up in your own life everyday.

After years of winning and losing playing video poker. After years of endorfin addiction. After years of losing money gambling. It must have taken its toll on this man's mind. It corrupted it. He slowly slipped into the abyss of his own physique. And he must have blamed Las Vegas casinos and the people of Las Vegas for it. And he then decided to make a violent personal statement. And get even. And punish everyone he could all at once. And this may have been heightened by some form of mental depression that came along also with all of the other problems. Degenerate gambling is a sickness.

I have many stories to write about from my observations about gambling while living in Las Vegas for 30 years from 1979 to 2009. Here are a few about video poker. Many times I talked to local gamblers there that played video poker. This one fella told me that he played video poker everyday for about 30 years and he had lost around $300,000.00 in his lifetime. Imagine you get to the end of your working career.You go to retire and you have no money to retire on because it all went up in smoke to the tune of $10,000.00 a year. Or $200.00 a week playing video poker.

To get the idea just how addictive playing video poker is because of the endorfin addiction all you have to do is go to a local bar in Las Vegas. There on every bar  at every seat at the bar is a video poker machine. You sit down and order a drink. Then you get a roll of quarters and start gambling on these machines trying to get a royal flush poker hand so you can win $1,000.00. As if that is a normal thing to do. You do not interact with the other people in the bar. You just sit there with your gaze fixed on the video poker screen all night. I used to make the statement that when you would go to the bar in Las Vegas to meet girls. You had to compete with the other guys at the bar. And all the guys in the bar had to compete with the video poker machines to even meet the girls there. The girls show up and sit down and begin playing video poker all night without even talking to anyone?

This senario about playing slot machines is a well known story about Las Vegas. Here a person retires and moves to Las Vegas. Then he walks into a casino one day and starts playing the slot machines. And he actually wins a $5,000.00 slot jackpot. And he thinks just what was I doing working all of those years when I could have been here in Las Vegas winning five grand a day playing the slots? And then he spends his entire fortune trying to win a second slot jackpot. Now he is starting over in life, at the age of 66, working at a local convienent store. And the legend continues.


When you look at my older win/loss chart from 2007 and before in the NFL. You have to understand that these games were played so long ago that those win/loss stats have no bearing on today's games. Those players on those teams then no longer play pro football now. And most of the then coaches are gone also. And there are new team owners now and so on. But there is another senario about point shaving the games, in the NFL,  I want to bring up. If only for conversational value. And while I did notice this happening. I feel it was only a real game deciding factor in just a couple of the seasons played from 1999 to the present. And I have no statistical evidence to back my allegations up. And yet, based on my gut instincts from handicapping pro sports for 38 years I feel this senario has merit. And we may be able to apply it to handicapping the games played in the 2017 season.

This is what I noticed in a couple of seasons played in the past. It seemed to me that whenever a team got special attention in the American media back then, in any week for whatever reason, they lost the next game played on the schedule. That is to say if a player, team, coach or even a team owner was showcased in a cover story in the newspapers or in a national sports magazine that team lost the game the next game it played. The idea being that when the public was showed how highly the media thought of those players and that team, then the public would form a bond with that team. They would be influenced into thinking  that this team was invincible based on that particular media coverage that week. And they would bet on that team in mass.

And I also noticed that if a certain player was in a big advertising campaign, on television or on the radio, that week that team would lose its next game played. These players and teams were showcased so well that the sports betting public would automatically gravitate to betting on that team the next game. The more money bet on a team the easier it is to make a profit booking sports if you then rig the outcome of the game. And one of the biggest trends of this senario was when a player would either be showcased or actually promote a certain product on the actual NFL web site. Here every pro football fan would see the ad on and bet this team to win and cover the point spread in the next game played. This week a player promoted a product on the web site. Let us see if he can win the next game also.


There have been things that happened to me when I had a bet on a game in my early carreer in Las Vegas. While they do not have any validity for this season. I thought I would share these things with you that I was faced with at that time. To show the American sports betting public just what can and did happen back then. One thing was in the early 80's I had a bet on a Monday Night Game on Washington, I think? Here a player is running for the end zone. If he gets in Washington will cover the point spread. With no opposing players within 20 yeards he starts to bobble the ball. Loses control of the ball and fumbles. The other team runs up and recovers the fumble and Washington does not cover the point spread..

Another incident was when I had a bet on an NBA game. The game gets down to the final seconds. And a player is fouled trying to make a shot.. He is getting two foul shots. This is the first time I saw this happen and I have never seen it happen since. In an effort not to cover the point spread. He takes the first shot. What he does is slam the ball into the backboard and bounce it directly back to him. Now he can only tie the game with the next shot. And he misses it. And the team does not cover the point spread.

Another senerio was when I walked into Gary Austin's Race and Sports Book on the Las Vegas Strip one morning. I bet $50 on the LA Lakers. Here the employee's at Austin's were part of a reporting network to the entire sports betting industry in Las Vegas on major handicapping authorities and who they were betting on..Within a half hour the entire city found out who I bet on. And everyone bet the Lakers that day.  There was so much money bet on the Lakers that they fixed the game. And I lost the bet.

Another senario was when it was my birthday. And I invited my roomate to come out with me to the Alpine Inn restaurant in Las Vegas to celebrate my birthday with me. That day the line on the Philadelphia 76ers was minus two. I had them to win by over ten points. This was the era when Moses Malone played for the 76ers. He came straight out of high school and went to the pros without going to college. And the mafia manipulated him to fix the games in his entire carreer. So I bet it the wrong way. I bet the 76ers not to cover the point spread for $50. I went out to dinner with my roommate. And I even told her what I was doing. And when we got home the 76ers only won the game by one point. And I celebrated my birthday for free.

Other senarios I picked up on in that era were: if all the big college teams won and covered the point spreads on any given Saturday, then the next day on Sunday, all the big NFL teams would lose the games and not cover the point spreads. If on Sunday all of the big NFL teams won and covered the point spreads on Sunday, then the next day on the Monday Night game the favorite team would lose every time. This is howthe bookmakers would get even for the week and get their money back. Everyone bets the Monday Night games.

Another thing I actually wrote about in my early carreer. was the fixing of the holiday games. That is Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and the New Years Games both college and pro.The week before the holiday games the NFL would lose all the big teams games. This way the American public would have less if no money at all to bet on these holiday games in the first place. With only a handful of games being offered on the holidays, and the entire nation betting on only a few games. The bookmakers could and did get burned on these days. So they tried to thrawth the Ameican sports betting public anyway they could. And even rigged the games on the holidays to assure a big profit in the sportsbooks.


I found this old file on my computer. It was an effort to keep a record of the Linemaker results. I started iusing it on-line in the 1999-2000 season. But to make room for the new data every year I eliminated the 1999 season and it is lost. This file only shows the results up to the 2006-2007 season. The other results from 2007. 2008 and 2009 are lost also. I quit in the middle of the 2010 season ,over all of the point shaving that was going on,  for six years and then continued again in the 2016 season.  I just wanted to show here that this system has always had merit in predicting sports all of those years. . Some years were better than others, but the method always hung in there. Even against all of the point shaving that was going on then and now. And from 1979 to 1999 when I did the math by hand this method, before going on line, had an exceptionally high win/loss record. But all of those early records have been destroyed also.

In the 2010 season before I quit. In my last week of handicapping that year I went 5-1 on the suspect games. That year my YTD record for the suspect games was 7-8. What had been happening is that whenever I would call a suspect game in the beginning of the season for years they would rig those games the opposite way to discredit me. I would always be 0-2, 0-3 and 0-4 to start every season on the suspect games called. Then I would have to wait until later on in the season when the betting action on the games was much higher. Then when I called the suspect games there would be so much money bet on the false favorites that they would have to fix the games anyway. Or lose alot of money. And then I would claw my way back the rest of the season to a winning win/loss record on the suspect games one week at a time. And in a few season I ran out of weeks in the season before I could at least get even on my suspect win/loss record for the entire season.
This Season: 2007-08 
Suspect Games 11-4-2 14-17 4-2 11-11-2 16-11 14-11 12-15
Best Plays 51-53-3 51-55 67-52-2 36-28-4 64-45-4 60-56-3 74-50-1
All Totals 115-119-21 111-128-16 126-125-5 75-66-5 113-128-4 102-126-20 112-118-17
High Total Over 8-9 5-14 10-9 7-3 9-10-1 7-8-2 12-5
Low Total Under 15-10-1 12-7-1 9-8 5-7 11-10 8-9 15-10
Bye Teams 19-13 20-12 15-16 14-13-1 19-14-3 13-16 13-16-1
Last Monday 
not to cover 
next Sunday
18-17 15-16 20-12 9-7 11-14 12-13 15-15
Home Team on: 
Monday Night
11-7 8-9 7-10 2-8 8-8-1 7-7 10-5-2
Linemaker's Play onthe: 
Monday Night Game 
7-11 9-8 7-10 8-2 7-9-1 11-3 6-9-2
Defensive Power Rating 132-118-6 120-128-7 132-115-9 74-61-9 130-113-13 127-144-7 ???
Team #1 
Team Name 
8-8 5-4 
Team #2 
Team Name 
8-8 5-4 
Linemaker First Half: 
Superbowl Play
10-6 5-4 ??? 6-10 13-3
Linemaker Second Half: 
Superbowl Play
3-6 IND. 
sameteam 1-0 ??? 5-3 1-7
Playoff Best Bets 4-4 5-4 2-4 ??? 4-0 4-4-1 ???
Playoff  Totals 5-5 4-6 4-3-2 ??? 1-2-1 5-5 ???
Superbowl Best Bet 0-1 IND. WINSOVER CHI. 0-1 PITT. WINSOVER SEA. 0-1 ??? X X X
Superbowl Total Bet 0-1 0-1 1-0 ??? X X X
Overall Score W/L
5-5 6-4 ? ??? X X X
Overall Predicted Score 123-127-6 131-120-4 138-125-9 ??? X X X
AdjustedPredictedScore 122-128-6 118-133-5 134-114-8 ??? X X X
Home/Away Pre.Score 107-86-3 99-108-4 108-97-5 ??? X X X
Home FieldAdv/Disadv. 113-121-6 108-128-4 114-117-9 ??? X X X


In dealing with the problem of players in the NFL using our beloved National Anthem to make a personal protest. I make the following statements. The football fans in the USA do not work for the players. Rather, it is the players that work for the fans. The fans are what pro football is all about. And as fans we are not getting the payback from our athletes as we should be getting. We are the fans that pay the bills. We are the fans that pay the pro football salaries. We are the fans that go to the games. We are the fans that buy the replica jerseys and other NFL gear. We are the fans that buy all of the sports magazines in this nation. We are the fans that read about pro sports everyday in the local newspapers. And we are the fans that watch the football games on television. And listen to them on the radio.

And we are the fans that purchase all of the goods advertised in the American media. And all of the goods promoted by ex and current athletes also. To try and start a boycott of the fans to keep them from going to the games is a grandiose idea. However, no one is going to stop watching the football games. Football is an American institution. Football is as American as apple pie. We have a strong love for the game in this nation. And we are not going to let it go.

So what is the solution for our fans? I have said this before about ten or so years ago. What we have to do is boycott all goods advertised by professional athletes in the USA. And we have to boycott all goods advertised during the playing of the games on national television and radio. We have to hit them where it hurts: their pocket books. Imagine the highest paid salaries in this country taking a shit on American culture as part of a personal protest on national television. It begs the question," :Just what are we doing fighting over there in the first place?" And it begs the question, "Is this country, in its present state, even worth saving".  The war is over. Organized crime has already taken over our culture behind the scenes. And they are manipulating and corrupting all the circumstances this great nation was built on. Lets bring the troops home and put them to use fighting the war with our enemies within. Let's flush this country down the toilet and start over from scratch. And let's get rid of all of the traitors while we are doing it.


In the first three weeeks of the season I have been keeping a private record on the suspect games that I did not call in public. I just made the plays for myself. I am now 8-0. I went 2-0 in the first week, 2-0 in the second week and 4-0 in the third week. I cannot give you the names of the teams because my personal rule about suspect games is that if you do not call a fixed game before the game is played then your allegation has no merit. Anyone can say anything about a game after the game is played. But the accusation has no validity. But I am not lying. I have no reason to lie.

The Las Vegas Sports Betting line is being used to launder the sucker bets from the mafia to the gambling public. These plays are out there every week. All you have to do is look for games predicted to win by 14 to 20 points where the line is so low it is obvious that something is wrong with the line. And then just simply bet the game the opposite way they want you to bet the sucker games.

And another thing. As the highest paid salaries in the USA, if you do not stand for the National Anthem at NFL games then you are a traitor to the American cause. How about if we give guns to all of the athletes in pro football and let you go fight overseas and die. Just what are we supposed to say to the men and women of all of our armed forces fighting over there. And another thing if you point shave the games in American sports then you are a traitor also.

There is a time honored saying about life I feel fits this stiuation well. That the truth hurts. And this statement is so that everyone in the US Senate will understand my feelings for you. A US Senator is nothing more than an unconvicted felon.


I am not asking for to much. All I am asking is that you quit point shaving in the NFL. I do not feel I am out of my jurisdiction doing this. I am not doing anything wrong. While we have over 5000 people in our armed forces dead fighting for the ideals we believe in in this nation. The NFL has corrupted American society for the mafia the entire time. I do not know if this needs to be said, but I will say it anyway. The mafia is an enemy of the American people. And I am coming for you in the NFL at the y2k of christ. And fuck you NFL.


Even though I see ghosts behind every door where there is gambling. I am seeing what looks like home teams being let to win the games for their own self promotion. And the game final score is so lopsided in these games it makes it easy for me to spot. A case in point is the home opener this year for the L.A. Rams. Now here is a team with such a remarkable history in the NFL. One team owner killed by the mafia! Anyway this team is waiting for a new stadium to be finished. And as a result they are now playing in a temporary stadium that has less seats available for the fans. So they had to raise the ticket prices up in a big way to cover their costs. So the first game of the season at home they blow out Indianapolis by a score of 46 to 9. I guess they showed all the fans at the game just what the higher ticket prices gets you in the games at home.

Another case in point is Oakland. Ever since they announced they were moving the francise to Las Vegas they have been winning the games on a regular basis. The Raiders are one of the dirtiest stories in pro sports history. Do you remember how they would have the TV cameras on Al Davis before the games. And he would be sitting in his seat at the game with his baseball cap and sunglasses on. And he would have this mean, stern look on hiis face all of the time. As if he was the true football icon that nobody messes with and so on. It was nothing more than an act. Al Davis was a puppet on a string for organized crime. And he rigged every game they asked him to during his entire carreer. Now they win their first two games at home this year. And in the second week they blow out the game 45 to 20. I guess all the fans in Las Vegas know now just what a good team they are about to get. I'll bet it will be good for ticket sales there also.

They whole scene in the NFL is nothing more than a dog and pony show.


I am making this statement as an apostle of God at the Second Coming of Christ. That the NFL is nothing but a simple hoax played out on the American people to promote their own interests and gain monetary rewards from organized crime in America from at least 1970 to the present day. Not only am I an angelic being capable of hearing the NFL and the mafia conspire to rig the games played in professional footbal in America. I am directly related to the Holy Ghost. I am his son-in-law placed on Earth in 1952 to lead a religious movement against the mafia at this time and era at the beginning of the Second Coming of Christ.

My current complaint is based on my observations of the games played in the NFL during the 2016 and 2017 seasons. Forget the fact that I caught the NFL point shaving from 1999 to 2010 on this web site on the internet with my invention of the suspect games. These are games where the official opening sports betting line was lowered on purpose to create sucker bets for the American public to wager on. And then those favorite teams simply lost the games on purpose for payolla. . Last season the Minnesota Vikings, while being a big favorite to win the game, lost a Monday night game to the Chicage Bears.  The coincedence was that the Chicago Cubs baseball team was in the World Series of Baseball for the first time in 100 years. The Holy Ghost told me the general manager of the Vikings team rigged the game.

So now this year the Minnesota Vikings have a new stadium. And to pay them back for the rigged Monday night game last year they let them win the first Monday Night game in the new stadium. This is to let the fans in Minnesota know what the new stadium is really worth to them. A few years ago I wrote an ex-FBI agent and said to him that it seemed to me that teams that got new stadiums built were playing in the superbowl in a matter of two years afterwards. In my investigation I found out of 15 possible situations only seven teams made it to the superbowl in that time frame. And then last year the Atlanta Falcons went to the superbowl. And this year they have a new stadium. And after losing most of their preseason games. They won the first game of the season, but they did not cover the point spread by a half of a point. So what. Who cares if you cover the point spread as long as you win the game.

Now before the game is over the Atlanta Falcons are playing their first Sunday night game this season against the Green Bay Packers. And they seem to be blowing the game out. Here again the Falcons are showing the Atlanta fans just what that new stadium is worth. And in the second week of the NFL season this year all of the teams involved in the current hurricanes won their games. Here again the NFL is showing the people of these ditressed areas that all is okay. Your teams are still winning and it is okay to stay following these teams and continue to go to the games dispite all of the devastation in those cities because of the bad weather.  Under Brent Farve the Green Bay Pakers became the most point shaved NFL team in history and it looks to me that with the record of the current staff that the legacy continues.

The NFL has been doing this since 1970. After the Katinra hurricane in New Orleans. They had to build a new stadium. And the New Orleans Saints won the superbowl game right after that. I have been told by the Holy Ghost that the owner of the Dallas Cowboys invented the idea of the 10 million dollar fixed game. He went on to rig major games, the Hall of Fame Game, playoff games and even Thanksgiving Day games for $10 million a pop.

The NFL is closed by the HolyGhost as of today for crimes against humanity. And if you are involved in this league from this day onward you are barred from entering the kingdom of heaven. We have over 5,000 members of the America armed forces killed in  the war against Irac and Afganistan during this time and you perverted American culture for your own profit during this time. I am now accusing  the entire NFL league of high treason.

Around 1984? It was so long ago I can't remember when it actually happened. They had a vote in Congress and the US Senate to stop sports betting in America. But the bill was defeated. I think the prevailing thought by most of the polititians at that time was that the American public liked betting on sports so much  that they should let it continue to pacify them. The only problem here was that, the Holy Ghost,  told me that every Senator in the USA, over the vote,  was given a $40,000 payout for their vote. The total payout came to $2 million dollars.  Any guesses as to who passed out the money? So the Senate got $2 million for the vote. And the mafia, the legalized casinos and the on-line casinos beat the American sports bettor from then to now for about $150 billion dollars using the official opening sports betting line to trick the American sports betting public into making sucker bets..


Before I moved to Las Vegas in 1979 I was already treating gambling like a science. I wanted to learn and see all I could about gambling in America. So in 1977? There is a special TV show about the Horseshoe Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Here Benny Binion challenged this guy to a $10,000 blackjack game. What was happening was that this guy, I cannot remember his name,  was the very first blackjack card counter in the nation.

He was playing blackjack in the casinos with a team of associates and he was winning big money everyday. This was before anyone in gaming even knew what card counting in blackjack really was. His associates would sit at five different tables as he walked around the blackjack pit. When the deck, at that time all games were played from a single deck, went 10 rich they would signal him. Then he would sit down at that table and make huge bets and win all of the time. Finally the casino execs caught on and had him arrested. I think at that time he revealed card counting to the industry for the first time. And this was before the book "Beat The Dealer" was published opening up card counting to the American public.

So Benny Binion thought he was a hoax. So he challenged him to play in his casino on TV. Before the game started Benny and his two sons were there in the pit all smiling and joking with each other So the guy puts up $10,000 and starts playing blackjack at the table there.. In less than one hour he is winning over $10,000.. And Benny stopped the game. He made a comment something like, "Okay, I guess you showed me". But you should have seen the look on his face when he realized blackjack could be beat now. And now be beaten all of the time. He was shocked. So it was a great TV show on gambling. Before the blackjack match started the announcer asked Benny what he thought about gambling. And Benny replied right on national TV, "Gambling is for suckers".


Two of my favorite sayings about gaming in the USA. The more they cheat it the bigger it gets. And if you are not going to pay me to use my sports betting line on the official opening line then you can all go to hell together and stay there.


I would like to point out something about betting on sports in America. I believe that the casino industry in America is not now and never was involved in deciding which games to point shave in pro football and pro basketball. The casino industry does not make the betting line. The betting line is made by the mafia. However, the casino industry does launder the betting line from the msfia to the sports betting public for public consumption. They make it look as if there is nothing wrong with the line. That it is safe to bet on the line. But, they have manufactured the people that are fronts on the line for the mafia.

So the suspect lines go up on the boards in the casinos. And then the mafia rigs the games. By the fourth week of the regular season it is pretty evident which teams look to be the better teams to bet on and so on. And the public catches on to the winning teams in mass. And then by simple deduction the public starts to wager on these better teams more than they wager on the other teams. And there are certain teams which are traditional betting favorites. Based on these teams performance over the years the public tends to favor wagering on these teams because they have a history of winning the games over the past few seasons. And all the mafia has to do is wait to see which teams the public is wagering on and then alter the outcome of those games to malke a huge profit by booking all of the action on the games that week.

And I now believe that the on-line casinos and on-line sports books are now involved in this corrupt activity. Before on-line sports betting I feel it is safe to say that most of the money wagered on the games in this country was bet with the mafia using illegal bookmakers like myself. Except that I was not with the mafia. I was considered to be an indepedent bookmaker. Working for myself. Now that we have on-line sports betting I feel it is safe to say that the on-line sports books now handle the majority of the money wagered on sports everyday in the entire world.

Here is the best part about the legal casinos in this country. They all know the games are rigged. But they are helpless to do anything about it. They are not directly involved. All these casinos do is put up a line on the games. Knowing that it has suspect lines in it. And then book all the money they can on the games. And then wait for the players in the professional sports leagues to rig the games. And then because of their association with the whole process they make huge and windfall profits. And all they had to do is put up a line and take the bets. And wait for the rest of the process to take place. And they never do anything wrong or illegal. They just participate in the profits. This is why casino gaming could care less who makes the line or who fronts for the line. Because they are not involved in anything but reaping the rewards of all the hard work done by the mafia to hoax the sports betting public in this nation..


I like to think of myself as one of the top authorities of gambling in America. There is not one person in the gaming industry in the USA that is even in the same league with me. And my gaming products are superior to anything ever invented in sports betting and poker. And yet I cannot publish my products because I am censored by the people in the gaming industry that work for the mafia.. And I cannot work for the casinos because I do not have a number with the mafia. Since I started inventing products in 1979 I have had to defend myself everyday now for 38 years from every sick casino owner and gaming management person in Las Vegas, Nevada. The one casino owner that took an offfer of money to interfer with me for the 30 years while I lived in Las Vegas even murdered someone while I was living there. These people are practicing witchcraft against me and the other people of this nation.

I feel I can call myself a top expert on sports betting because I make my own sports betting line. And I make a line that wins all of the time. I feel I am the official outlaw line in America. That is to say I actually post the very first line on basketball and football everyday of the year. And what do I get for it. Nothing. The gaming industry would rather have a male homosexual prostitute front for the mafia on the line. Why? Because the people that run the gaming industry in this nation are nothing more that simple witches practicing their witching ways. They offer wagering on games that the public has no chance of winning at. And when the profits are not high enough they then resort to cheating the public playing these games. And when that is not enough profit for them they then resort to skimming the casino profits. And while no one will ever know for sure just how much money has been skimmed from the casinos that are traded on our stock exchanges, I believe it is in the billions of dollars in the last 85 years of legalized casino gambling in America.


As we get ready to start the 2017 Pro Football Season I want to say a few things. I want to make this web site easier to understand. On this web site I only have two goals. One is to eliminate the suckers in sports betting . And two is to stop the point shaving going on in American sports.

You can clearly see that my Linemaker system wins all of the time. Simply look at my winning record for the CFL and WNBA for the summer of 2017. And it has won every year since I invented it in 1979. Except for the 2016 NFL season? My win/loss record here speaks for itself. The gaming industry and the American media are helping organized crime to launder the sports betting line thru the casinos and newspapers for public consumption. They publish the mafia sports betting line in the casinos and in the newspapers everyday as if there is nothing wrong with it. They are making the sports betting public feel safe in wagering on this line by making it seem  the line is somehow run and made  by sports experts. These experts are nothing short of mafia fronts on the line. And the line is used to create sucker bets for the public to wager on. I proved this on this web site from 1999 to 2010.

And I hope to prove it again this season. The problem with point shaving in this country is that it has been going on at this level since at least 1970. Different senarios include players rigging the games on their own. And middle management execs fixing the games through the coaches. And even some coaches rigging the games on their own. And team owners being offered $10 million to rig important games Whatever the reason just keep in mind that you cannot lose a game on purpose without the players being involved. Let's see if we can catch them this season.

Another problem we have in modern sports history is the Pro Football Hall of Fame. In recent years players who rigged games and even Superbowls have been inducted into the Hall Of Fame. And team owners also. It is my personal opinion that if you fix a Superbowl game in the NFL then you are guilty of treason. Instead of making these players into heros. We should see them as nothing more than simple traitors. Another problem that the Hall Of Fame has is that with all of my monitoring of the games played from 1999-2010, the actual stastistics of the games played during that era are not valid. And I also believe that many players were assisted in achieving record breaking performances. And they then used those players to rig the outcome of the Superbowls and other games..


Today I am releasing four names of the NFL teams I feel will be in the race to win the 2017-18 season Superbowl. They are the Atlanta Falcons, San Diego Chargers, Minnesota Vikings and the Los Angeles Rams.


I feel that I have been extremely fair in my allegations that the teams in the NFL are point shaving the games every season. I have witnessed the rigging of professional football every season since 1970.And I called fixed games, the suspect games, correctly on the internet from 1999 to 2010. Then I stopped handicapping sports from 2010 to 2016. In 2016 I privately called suspect games to myself every week of the season. And I had more winners than losers.

However, I feel very strongly that if you call a game fixed after the game is over then that allegation really has no merit. After a game is played you can say anything you want about the results. But without any proof these allegations are pointless. Complaining about a team's performance in the NFL is what being a fan is all about. In a sense we are all arm chair quarterbacks during and after the game is played. We, as fans, love to second guess the players and coaches on how they won or lost the game. It is what being a fan is all about.

From 1999 to 2010 to give my allegations a form of credibility, I called fixed games from five days to one day before the game was played. And I used the official Las Vegas sports betting line to guide me on my calls of the suspect games. It just, to me, became so obvious that the lines were made to low on purpose. In an effort by the mafia to create sucker bets for the public to wager on. So I decided to try and do something about this crime. And while I did expose this crime for over ten years. The crime is still going on. The problem is that there is just to much money involved. The people that are making the decisions to fix the games have a chance to get rich quick. And they are doing so.

The first thing you have to understand is that the mafia makes the line in conjunction with the people involved in the NFL. And the second thing you have to realize is that the mafia does not care what anyone thinks about it. These are harded murders who have no other goal in life than to pursue making a  profit off of the games.. The only reason for their being is to get rich any way they can. And sports betting is their main cash cow. While they cannot own the teams or influence the league legally. Then can and do control and influence the outcome of the games illegally. It is what the mafia does everyday on Earth. They break the law for monetary gain. And when the games are all over and all the money is won no one in America even knows which members of organized crime were involved. It is all done in secret. And it can all be summed up by the mafia watchword in this country: No one turns down money.


One thing we can be sure about pro sports is that you cannot fix a game unless the players are involved. It does not matter who gave the order to rig the game. It could be the attorney, the coach, the general ,manager, the president, the CEO or even the owner of the team. Or even someone who claims he will give you alot of money to lose the game. One of my favorite sayings is that if you do not rig your own games, the players on the team will rig them for you. So the key factor now is to zone in on the players and see who we can catch doing it this season.

And there is a new factor that has come up in recent years. In the good old days before computers. Betting on sports was a cash business. You would go down to the local bookmaker in your home town and make a cash wager. Since the mafia did all of the illegal sports booking in all the major cities in America. The mafia always had a ton of cash available for all sorts of illegal endeavors. Like fixing the games. They had so much real cash on hand every week it was no prolem to payoff players and team officials all the time using cash payouts. I used to make the statement at that time that all the money bet in the nation was counted by halftime. And when the teams came out and played in the second half of the game they knew which games to rig to maximized the sports booking profit that week.

But with computers being used to bet the games on-line the situation has changed. Illegal bookmakers are now a dinosaur of the past. All of the betting action is now being done on the internet. And it is done by debit or credit card. So there is a record of the transaction. There is a paper trail. But since on-line sports betting is legal it does not matter if there is a paper trail or not. Except that now the mafia does not have any cash on hand anymore. All of there money is moved electronically now also. So that means they cannot come up with large sums of money for the payoffs without creating a paper trail of that money.

So what has been happening in recent years is the mafia is asking certain teams to rig certain games. They are promising huge payouts for the fixing of the games. And then when the team rigs the game they do not get paid. They wind up fixing the game for free. And there is nothing they can do about it. The mafia can't pay them for fear of being caught transfering the money from one account to the other. To counter not being paid some of the most proliffic point shaving teams in the past have simply quit losing on purpose. What is the point if you are not going to get paid anyway.


In a few weeks we will be having a 2017 Canton Pro Football Hall Of Fame game. Last year the game was called off because one of the maintainence crew put the wrong "marker" paint on the field. The resulting situation was that it was thought that the wrong paint with its wrong texture could lead to injury by the players in the game. So the game was called off.

But I want to focus in on the Hall Of Fame game played on August 9, 1999. The game was between the Dallas Cowboys and the Cleveland Browns. After Art Model moved the Cleveland team to Baltimore this city did not have a pro football team for many years.  So finally in 1999 Cleveland got another pro football francise. And it has been there until the present day. So to kick off the new season the Cleveland Browns played their very first game at the Hall of Fame Game that year against the Dallas Cowboys.

The oddsmakers of Las Vegas made the Dallas Cowboys a simple three point favorite. Now, imagine this: the Dallas Cowboys were the best team in the league at that time. And the Cleveland Browns were playing their very first game as a new francise in pro football. The line should have been Dallas -10 minimum. But it came out as Dallas minus three. It was so obvious that the line had been lowered on purpose. That the oddsmakers wanted everyone to bet Dallas. That Dallas was a sucker bet. A false favorite. The sports betting public was not fooled by the phony line.

By game time the public had bet on Cleveland so much that the line at game time was Cleveland the favorite by six points. Cleveland went from plus three to even. Then to minus three and then minus six. The final result of the game was Dallas 17 to Cleveland 20. I feel this is the most obvious example of lowering the sports line to fix a game in the entire history of the NFL. And the public was not fooled that time.


Another Football season is just around the corner. As far as I can remember last season was the first time linemaker lost since it was invented in 1979. I feel the entire season last year was rigged so my system would not win. In my own handicapping work I did correctly pick four suspect games. But did not publish it. Because of this I do not see any reason to even bet on football anymore. You do not have any chance of winning. As soon as the public figures out which are the better teams, the teams simply rig the games for payolla.

No one is being held accountable for losing a football game. The game is played. The final score becomes official. That night it is reported on by the TV news. And the next day the final score is published in all of the newspapers. And then the game is completely forgotten. It is history. It is over and no one is being held accountaable for the results. The teams only have to sweat the final outcome of the games for 24 hours. And then they get away with the crime of point shaving.

They know they are not going to be punished for losing. And they can make more money losing the game than winning it. So they don't care. It is their right of passage to get the money under the table. It is their chance to get rich. And all they have to do is lose on purpose.


Today I will talk about point shaving in the NFL. And an episode in my life when I first moved to Las Vegas. It is about my first experience working for a sports handicapping and line service there in 1980. And it was during the baseball season. When I was a craps dealer at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in 1979-1980 I was developing then what came to now be called Linemaker Handicapping Software. But I did not disclose any information about it to anyone at that time. At first I kept everything I invented to myself.

So I meet this guy working in the crap pit there. He worked as a box man and as a floor boss. So we get into a talk one day and I told him I was hoping to get into my own sports handicapping service soon. And so on. But I thought if I could get into an existing sports service that I could learn the business from the ground up. A sort of on the job training. So the craps boss tells me he has a friend that works for a local sports handicapping service and he needs help. And that he would call him for me and get me a job there.

So he gets me an interview. And because I have no experience he lets me answer the phones and get all the sales information from perspective clients calling in from their weekly mail order program. And he lets me give out the sports betting line over the phone to already established clients. So I came in for about one month at no salary. It was just for experience. And after the first week I get introduced to the owner. He was a guy called Frank Mastarana. I did not know who he was at that time. I found out about him later on in 1983 while watching the TV documentory show Frontline on a show called "The Unauthorized History of the NFL".I still have the transcript of the show in my files today.

So while I am watching the show here comes Frank Mastarana out of his office. And the nararator says that this is the guy that gets the line everyday from the mafia in the USA. And then he sells it to the casinos and his illegal bookmaker clients all over the nation. While working for him I also helped to do the mail order every week. They had a machine that would stuff the flyers into envelopes for you and then they had a postage maching to put the postage on 3,000 envelopes a week in about five minutes. They would then send them out and they would get three to five responses a week.

So I was having fun. I am like on the inside now. And I was catching on a little. But then one day I here these two guys there talking. It was about a previous employee that got a baseball bat beating from the mafia just outside of the front door. Here because he worked for Frank he could call in bets to the mafia over the phone. So he gets stuck by losing about $5,000 in these phone bets. And he does not pay up. So they gave him a beating. When I heard that I never went back. I decided to move on and not to deal with a service like that. I was not there to spy on or investigate the mafia. I just got in there because this guy from the Nugget okayed me to his friend.

I can't remember his name. But this guy went on later to work for another handicapping service run by Gary Austin. Gary Austin won the very first Castawys Football Handicapping Championship. Then the following football season he opened his own service. And then he got this guy to run ads for him in all of the football magazines in the country. This was when Time Magazine put him on the cover of an issue and said that so many people purchased his plays and bet on him that he was now knwn as the Six Million Dollar Man.

He was so successful, at a time when the idea of buying sports betting information was so new to this country, that he made over $350,000 in profit the first season. I know this because he ran an ad for employees. I went there and saw the guy I first met at Frank's place. But I did not get hired. They had already filled the position. After the football season was over he started giving out basketball plays. I once met a poker player while dealing a poker tournament at that time and he told me he was using Austin's service for basketball. He was betting $5,000 a game. And Austin had a 30 day winning streak the entire time he was betting on his plays. Austin then went on to be the first oddsmaker to use my system on the line. He had opened his own race and sports book at that time on the Las Vegas strip and was made into the Las Vegas oddsmaker then also. The only problem was that he did not have his own line so he used mine instead.

But he became a loser. He did not know that the mafia knew which teams were going to lose every weekend. And they bet those fixed games at his book everyday until he went broke. Then when he went broke he started to use the customers money illegally to keep himself going in business. Sports bettors would have an account with him with their betting money in it. He took all of the accounts and used their money until he lost all of that money also. And after a lengthy trial he went to prison for embezzelment. What a fitting end to the first guy in Las Vegas to use my sports betting line without permission. And it never stopped. My system was so powerful then that you either used it or simply  forgot about making a profit in the sports betting industry in Las Vegas. And they could not hire me to make the line. I was against the mafia. And I did not have a number with them either.

So, let's go back to the Frontline show. They accused Kenny Stabler of point shaving durng his carreer at the Raiders football team. His reply was that he was going to sue the show for libel. But I really do not know if he did sue. Or if he got an apology or any settlement. Last year in 2016 he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame anyway. Stabler was the first quarterback to rig most of the games in a single season. And he even rigged a Superbowl game for the then team owner. He was the first quarterback to call his own plays in the huddle. This way the coach could not stop him from rigging the games. He did whatever he wanted to during the game. And when Frontline aired clips from some of his games it was obvious he was not trying to win the games.

Years after Stabler died a defensive tackel from another team was inducted into the Hall of Fame. And during the ceremony Stabler's head coach was there. And he revealed at that time that Stabler was calling the plays during the games not him. And they lost a Superbowl game because Stabler ran a play into this defensive tackle. And he stopped them from scoring. Then this coach said on TV that "I told him when you play against ?????, you don't run against ????? That remark made me realize just how cunning  Stabler really was in point shaving a game. He ran that play knowing the ball carrier would not get in to score. He rigged the outcome of the game by running a play against the best defensive tackel of that era. And they did not score or win the game.

I also thought it was fitting that the 2016 Hall of Fame football game was cancelled also. The use of the wrong field marker paint made the playing surface dangerous for the players. So they called the game off. In a year when the two biggest point shavers in pro football history were inducted in the same year.


Today I am going to give my opinion on how the Powers Club got started in Las Vegas. And how it grew to the number of members it has today. And how it spread throughout the entire United States in a secret society called US. What I call the US Occult. I call it the occult because it is the mafia. And in our time and era the mafia is known by me to be the Anti-Christ as predicted in the Book of Revelations in the Holy Bible. It is a secret clan that are all mass murderers. Who have roamed the USA for over 100 years killing people for money, power and territory. It is a known fact of the mafia that to be considered a "made" member of the mafia you have to kill a person. It means you have made your bones. You have killed someone.

One of the ways the employees of Ceasars Palace qualified their powers work for Tony Spilatro was they could be heard saying in public, "We never killed anyone". Since they never killed anybody it was okay to do his bidding everyday. And become a punishing arm of the mafia in Las Vegas. So before I start let me say it is easy to say that 2.5 million people living in Las Vegas are numbered by the Powers. When in fact not everyone living there has a number. But I believe the majority of people have to sunscribe to this movementt to keep and protect their jobs there in the casino industry. And to continue their livelyhood there. People in different job areas I feel that are all numbered by the Powers Club control are the employees of Gaming Control, Nevada Attorneys Board, all casino employees, the entire U.S.Postal Service in Las Vegas and the Metro Police. This allegation is made from personal observation by me in my 30 years as a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada. And most small businesses there also. How else could they get contracts for business in the gaming industry with the casinos?

I also had a top casino exec from Ceasars quoted to me. He said," that the only way to control the work force of any casino is with the powers club". Some hotels have as many as 7,000 employees. So that is alot to control. However, using this number society also gives the mafia the vehicle to control the entire work force also. As if the end justifies the means. And this quote proves the casinos tolerate and encourage the use of the powers club. Why not? All the casino execs have numbers also.

Here is how I believe it got started. I do not know this for absolute fact. But over the years I would pick up little snippets of information on Las Vegas a little at a time. And I came to the following conclusions without any proof. One thing for sure. This is such a secret society I never got anyone to admit it to me ever. This is a well trained organization. And because it is the mafia. The members either keep their mouth shut or lose their careers in Las Vegas. If it was not for the revelations given me about this by the HG I would never had figured it out by myself.

So, legalized gaming in Nevada happens in Las Vegas in the 1930's. So all of the downtown businesses turn themselves into casinos one at a time. And the locals are getting good jobs working in them. Gaming starts off slow and then over the years it gets bigger. And as the years continue it get even bigger. After WWII many of the armed service people who visited Las Vegas during the war start to relocate there. And they start the Nevada Test Site for Nuclear Weapons and even more people move there looking for jobs.

So now all of the original locals in the then gaming industry became concerned. They were afraid they will all lose their income to the newcomers. That the newcomers will take over. And they, the original employees that made gaming there happen in the first place, will wind up on the outside looking in. So they come up with a way to protect their jobs and livelihood. They form a secret number society called the Powers Club. The way it works is that every gaming employee gets a number. And then the newcomers that arrive later get a lower number. And it is all controlled by the actual date you joined. The older members being the highest numbers and so on. And then the higher numbers go first. And they are in control of the lower numbers working in the same casino. If you ever played the board game called Stratego. It is a very similar idea. The higher number is more important than the lower number and so on.

I think Sibby was an original employee of  Las Vegas. One of the first members of the Powers Club. And then through attrition went on to run the entire show in the 1980's for Tony Spilatro? I also think the Powers Club was started by the mobster Meyer Lansky. When he first moved to Las Vegas he owned the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in downtown Las Vegas. To give himself a legal income there he was listed as having a job there as manager of food and beverage. I feel he came up with this idea. Another idea he started at that time was to put a "points line" on betting on football and basketball. Rather than use a money line like they still do on betting  on baseball today. Meyer Lansky owned many big businesses in the cities where he lived durng his career.

When he was booklegging in Cleveland, Ohio, with the Back of the Road gang there, he bought the paint business called Sherwin/Williams. This business owned the first major hotel and casino to open in Atlantic City when legalized  gaming was first voted in there in the middle 70's. And then they sold it to Merve Griffin and then he sold it to ?????. The idea of making every gaming employee get a number works well for the mafia. Now they could control the entire work force. And keep everyone in line with a mandatory number needed to work in the casinos in the first place.

And then the idea spread out to every city in America. And they called it the US society. And it caught on. And the mafia ran it and controlled its growth and outcome until today. The way I was able to spot people in Las Vegas that were members of the powers club was that they all used the same hand sign. They would signal each other to find out if they can talk to them as a member. I had that signal shown to me hundreds of times in my life. And not just in Nevada. In Ohio also. When I did not respond then they would know I was not a member. Now I am not going to say that being in the powers club is the same as being in the mafia. But if you are involved with the mafia in any way on Earth you answer for it to the HG when you die.

One time I got into a fight at a 7-11 store in Las Vegas. Here these two girls behind the counter would slander me everytime I walked into the door. And I got into a fight over it. So they called the police. And when the police got there the one girl showed him the powers hand sign. I got arrested for lying to a police officer. And I was telling the truth. But the girl showed him the sign and then she said something to him. And I went downtown in the police car. The charges were later denied in court. And I never went back to that store again.


Another favorite target of mine in the gaming industry is the Ceasars Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. I worked in the poker room there for two and a half years in the middle eighties. First I will tell you how I got hired there. Then I will jump back six years to when I first arrived in Las Vegas in 1979. And then I will go back to the events as I was working at Ceasars.

By the mid eighties I had already dealt about ten major poker tournaments in Nevada. So one day I see an ad for an upcoming tournament. The Amarill Slim Superbowl of Poker. It has moved to Lake Tahoe and is going to be held at the Ceasars Tahoe.Casino. So I go down to the Ceasars Las Vegas cardroom to see if they had any applications for dealers who want to deal that tournament in Tahoe. After I told them what I was looking for and my track record as a poker dealer they actually hired me to work in the Las Vegas cardroom. And I worked there for about 30 months.

When I filled out my application and showed them all the different hotels I worked for in my dealing career they must have come to the conclusion that I had a number with  the Powers Club. Actually I did not even know what the Powers Club was until after I left my job there. And I did not know that I was the only dealer in Las Vegas that did not even have a number with the Powers. So I got hired and when I did not report my number to them I then got engaged in a daily battle for my job there the entire time I worked there until I was finally run out of the casino and fired.

Here I move to Las Vegas in August 1979. I go to craps dealing school. And then I worked at three craps jobs until I then went into dealing poker. So on the last day of craps dealing school I can hear the owner of the school on the phone. And he is saying something to the effect that he cannot do that to me because he will lose his gaming license. So I knew then the boys were after me already. I had told alot of people why I was moving there and so on. So the next day I get my first job referral. They are sending me to a small casino on the strip called Little Ceasars. I knew from my several vacations to Las Vegas before I moved there that this place was a real dive. And I figured it was a setup. So I did not go. Instead I went to the Holiday Casino downtown and got hired. I made it there one month before I got fired for no reason. A change of personel type dismissal

So I go across the street to the California Hotel and Casino and I get hired at the new casino way out on Boulder Hwy called Sam's Town. I think I made it there about six months before I quit. What happened was by then I was being publicly slandered every day in the casino. The employees would shout names and phrases at me everyday. The same thing over and over all day long. They were conditioning me phsycologically. And it never stopped. I was put on public trial by the Powers Club everyday for 30 years. Had I not been there for the HG most likely I would have given it up and gone home after one year.

So I quit Sam's Town. And then I realized they tricked me into quiting and I tried to get back hired again. But they had a policy there of no rehires. You are then thought to have gone past them? So I get into a phone call with one of the big execs. And he says to me to tell the pit boss when the nest casino calls there for a reference to just have them call him upstairs and he will fix things up for me and help me get hired at a new job.

So when I hang up I can hear him threatening me. That he is going to fix it so I never get hired in Las Vegas again. So I go back to the craps pit boss and I tell him the big exec said that when they call for the reference to just tell them I quit by mistake but they cannot rehire me. And it worked. I went to the Golden Nugget downtown and got hired because the pit boss backed me up. Then I heard that same exec went ballistic when he found out I switched the story and got hired in craps again.

So now I last at the Golden Nugget for about one year. And the slander attack there was even worst everyday. So finally I had enough and walked off my job right in the middle of the shift. And I never worked in craps again. So while I am at the Golden Nugget from time to time a person would walk up to the pit and try to have me fired. One time it was even Amarillo Slim. And the floor boss in the pit would ask," who is doing this?". And I could hear them reply it was for MOM.

When I left the Golden Nugget I filed for unemployement. And when I told the case worker there she gave me the unemployement for six months. She told me that she had been told that before about the Golden Nugget from other peope that had been forced off of their jobs also.

So I go into poker. Get hired on the poker tournaments and start writing about poker in all of the local tabloids. And six years down the road I get hired at Ceasars card room. Ceasars cardroom had this little dealers waiting room right at the bottom of the poker pit. So when you would go on a break, you would go sit down in the dealers break room right there.So I go on break. And I can see the entire casino floor in the north tower at that time. And at the table closest to me in this short fat 200 lbs. italian woman called Sibby. She was Sibyl Diogaurdi. I came to find out she was running the entire work force in Las Vegas behind the scenes from her cardroom job there  for Tony Spilatro.

So employees and other people are walking past the card pit all day long. And everyone is waving at her and smiling and they are calling her MOM. That was her nickname. This is how smart the mafia is about the human condition. They called her mom. Because everyone does what their mom tells them to do in their lives.
So they are calling her mom. And one day it hits me like a ton of bricks that this is the mom that was getting me fired from my craps job. You should of seen the look on her face when she realized I knew she was the MOM I was looking for.

From that day on me and her were in a pitched battle behind the scenes there. She would have all the employees in the cardroom and in the casino slander me everyday in an effort to get me out of the casino. And she was constantly asked why I did not have a number. Why do we have to have a number if he doesn't and so on. Everytime a poker dealer would shout something out at me in the cardroom I would walk straight up to them. Point my finger at them and say, "You are now sentenced by God. You are now barred from the Kingdom of Heaven". And they were also. And it stopped them eventually from publicly slandering me. But by then she was using the entire town to get me everywhere I went while not working. By the time I was finally forced off of my job there I had barred the entire casino staff from the Kingdom of Heaven for what she was doing to me there for Tony.

When she would walk into the cardroom every morning she would stand with her back against the wall. And then she would go into a fantasy thing. She was the owner of Ceasars. Her eyes wouls roll back into her head and her whole body would shake for about 90 seconds. And then she would come out of it. Go sit down and it was business as ussual. She would hold court there all day long At least ten people a day would meet with her there at the tables. Many times when she came to work she would stink so bad. That they would have to send her home and tell her to go take a shower?

Because of all the Powes Club work she did for Tony she would get paid on the side every week. And then she would go down to play blackjack every week at the Stardust Hotel and Casino. Her husband worked as a casino host there while the chicago mob still owned it. And they would cheat the money back from her every week. They cheated her during her entire life and she never knew it. She was nuts.

While I was working there as a poker dealer I opened a book store called Las Vegas Books. I was trying to get self-employed so I would not have to deal with the daily slander in the casinos. It was a great learning experience. I even lived in the back of the store. So it was just like renting an apartment. But I was not smart enough to do it correctly. And after losing moneyfor three years I closed it I did not know that all the people in Las Vegas who had numbers were waiting for their turn to own a business there. I come along and exercise my right as an American to own my own business and I jumped to the head of the line without permission. I did not even know you were supposed to get permission and wait your turn. And many local businesses had the exclusive right to that type of business because they were paying the Powers Club for it. I even saw the bag man collecting money from a local book store one time.Everything in Las Vegas is controlled by the numbers.

Then mom had me publicly jailed. She used her number and had me cut off from sex in the casinos. The whole time I worked at Ceasars I was involved in celibacy. My book store was interfered with. I never knew until I got back home. After 30 years of trying to do things in Las Vegas. That I never had a chance ever of making it as a business in Las Vegas. I never knew I was up against 30 million witches that were out to stop me everytime. I knew the mafia had a big presence in gaming. And then I found out about the Powers Club. And all the gaming employees that were involved. But it wasn't until I got back home that I realized every person living in Las Vegas had a number. I spent aroiund $150,000.00 on many big business deals during that time. I never made a profit and I never had even a remote chance of being successful doing them. And now I give all of my stuff away free so they cannot knock off my inventions and sell them without me. I had ten newspaper racks stolen from me in Downtown on Fremont street.

Everytime she went through the lineup in the card pit. And when she would be dealing in front of the dealer's break room. I would shout out to her. I would say, "You are not just the mom. You are the mother fucker!" One day she even had Tony's brothers meet with her in the pit. She was letting me know who she was in with. And like an implied message I better watch out. Little did she know I was not affraid of little Tony. But I still paid dearly. Somehow she put a number on me from the Powers Club. And I had to take on every person who had a number in Las Vegas for the next 25 years. One day a person asked her directly just what did she think she was doing to me? And her reply was that she was putting me through, "D-Psychological Dog Training".And it worked. It stopped my writing carreer, my dealing carreer and all of my inventions were blocked from being published. And anywhere I went for publishing services I was interferred with. All my business deals were blocked. My printings were down wrong. My car repairs were done wrong. My photography and typesetting were constantly done wrong. The programming on my linemaker software done wrong for 14 years. And finally I got put out of the taxi driver business after 18 years of interference on five cab jobs there also.

Thanks Las Vegas. I don't think I could of started the y2k of christ without you.


One of my favorite targets in gaming was Chip Reese. I tried to catch him cheating for 25 years. I knew he was cheating because the HG was letting me in on his conversations all of the time. He was working directly for several different mobsters from time to time of the Chicago mafia. I had been led to believe that him and Doyle Brunson had the two highest numbers in the poker industry in Las Vegas at that time. And that they were litterally running professional poker behind the scenes because of their numbers.

When Chip was the cardroom manager of the Dunes Hotel and Casino. I was told he was paying the Dunes casino boss $5,000.00 a month to run the cardroom. All that money was collected from each player everyday that played professional poker in the cardroom. The way it worked was that you had to at that time, and still to this day, pay 15 percent of your winnings to the cardroom manager. I found out about the poker players in Las Vegas kicking back 15 percent of their winnings everyday to the cardroom staff by accident. When I first moved to Las Vegas in August, 1979, I hung around the Silverbird Hotel and Casino for about six months.

One day I am standing in line to get to the casino cage. I was either cashing in a winning sports betting ticket or casino chips from playing in a low-limit card game there in the poker room. It was a long line and it took me awhile to get up to the cage. So while I am standing there I hear this conversation between two other low-limt poker players going on. They were about two people back in line from me. And this one player, who I noticed went on to play in the Las Vegas cardrooms for at least another ten years, tells this other player that if you want to win here you have to go up to them and offer them 15 percent. So from that day forward I knew what was going on in poker in Las Vegas. But I never got involved.

One day I was fired at the final tournament at the WSOP. It was not even my fault. But I got set up by two floor bosses at the tournament. I was at a table and the floor boss brought over two used decks that were not checked. He put one in my tray and then said okay shuffle and deal this other deck. Even though he was on my ass to hurry up I checked the deck to make sure all the cards were there. But I did not get a chance to check the other deck. I started dealing then another dealer came in behind me and I moved to the next table. So a player asked the new dealer to change the deck. He reached down and put that deck into play not knowing the deck was not checked. And then he dealt this well known poker player, Dunwoody, two aces of spades. I got blamed for not checking the deck when it came in and I was fired. Ironically, when I was at that table before I moved, I was filmed by ABC TV and that section of the tournament was actually aired on the TV show. And minutes later I was fired.

It was a setup. Listen to the story of the guy who brought the two decks to the table. Here he gets involved in a May to December marriage some years later to a woman poker player that was 30 years older than him. He is now running a lot of tournaments by now. And his new wife then wins so many tournaments she becomes the leading tournament money winner in the USA for a woman poker player. The woman that had won the most money in the tournaments at that time. How is that for a coincidence.

So now I am out of my chance to get the tokes for the final tournament. And I am going home on vacation to Ohio the next day. So that night I put on a nice suit and I go down to the Dunes poker room. Using the system for playing seven card stud that Chip Reese wrote in Doyle Brunson's book, How I made a million dollars playing poker, I sat down at a $20-$40 limit seven card stud game. And after one hour I was up $600.00. Then I finally quit winning $480.00. I have said this before and I will say it again. His stud system is what I consider to be one of the top five gambling systems of all time.

So I leave the cardroom and I am getting the eye from all of the big players there. And as I left the casino I could hear Chip tell his staff that they were to take me down right away the next time I showed up. Well, that never happened because I did not come back. I had been standing on the rail of the cardroom for years. But I never played there. There was no mistake in my mind that because of the way I was dressed, and the fact that no one there really knew me or even noticed me until I started winning big, That they thought I was some dumb tourist who just happened to stumble into the card room by mistake. When in fact I was one of the top poker players in the United States. The only reason I never made it playing professionally is because of how much I was cheated, at that time, playing. Until I finally had to quit playing altogether.

One funny story about Chip Reese that I like is when he got hustled for $80,000.00. Things would happen everyday at the WSOP. And word would get around to all the players at the tables by gossip. I am dealing at a table and the players at the table are talking about Chip. Here these players all had their own lock box at the casino cage. So they can keep the large amount of money they need to play with each day right there in the casino. A form of easy access. It works just like a safety deposit box in a bank. And all of the casinos do it for the players.

So one day Chip goes and gets his box out. He hands them the key. They bring his box over. He opens it. And his money is gone. The box is empty. He is missing $80,000.00. ?? You should have seen the fight behind the scenes over that. I don't know if the money was ever recovered. But I thought it was fitting that he got fucked after all the cheating he was involved in. And apparently so did the person who got his money somehow??

Another thing about playing poker in Las Vegas I later came to realize was the shift change. At that time the day shift for dealers was from 10am to 6pm. Then swing shift was from 6pm to 2am. And then the graveyard shift was from 2am to 10 am. The cardroom was open 24 hours a day every day of the year. So I played as much as I could the first few years I got there. And I was dealing in alot of card rooms. And I eventually dealt 25 major tournaments. I think I went on to work in 20 casinos during my dealing carreer. So I began to notice that when the dealing shift was over everyday. About 20 players playing in the cardroom would quit and go check out. And then another 20 players would then show up and  sit down at the poker tables and take their places at the tables.

Here the players were working on each shift like it was an eight hour job. And then they would go home until the next day and then show up for the same shift again. What I think was happening is that there is only so much tourist, or sucker action, on every shift. So to give everyone an equal chance of winning money they would designate who could play on what shift and for how long they could play also. It was completely controlled.

I remember when I first started playing poker in Las Vegas. I would go into the Stardust poker room. And I could see the same players in the cardroom every shift. And everyday. And they were all winning and making a living playing poker there. Then a few times I went back into the Stardust poker room after living in Las Vegas for 20 years now. And the same players were still playing on the same shift. And winning everyday doing it. It never stopped until the casino was closed and torn down.

Another observation I had of the poker tournaments I feel is worth exposing. Even though this was a long time ago. With the addition of the modern poker dealing  or shuffling machines now in use in almost all casinos the cheating, by poker dealers,  has been minimized somewhat. But I want to say this and other things still because a lot of the players and poker management people and casino owners that were involved then are still around. And I feel even after all of these years they should still be held accountable for this crime.

Anyway, first there was the WSOP. Then second there was the Amarillo Slim Superbowl of Poker  in Reno, Nevada. Then third was the Stardust Poker Classic on the Las Vegas strip. I called this in an article I worte: The Triple Crown of Poker. Then we had many other tournaments come along. The Golden Nugget, Vegas World, Tropicana, Hilton and Frontier to name a few.

And it seemed to me at this time that every different tournament had its own different group of winners. It seemed the same players won every year at the WSOP. And the same, but different,  group of players won every year at the Superbowl of Poker. And then another group of players won every year at the Stardust tournament. These tournament winners played in those card rooms everyday all year long. And they were in with that cardroom staff. And they had their own dealers working for them all year long in those cardrooms also. So it was easy to get enough winning hands to win those events. And I began to notice that some players only played at some tournaments. As if they knew who was going to win there. And they had no chance of winning outside of their own home cardroom.

And I also noticed that a player who won at the WSOP championship,during this time, went on this six month trip around the world. He would win again at every different tournament he played at then all the way down the road.. As if because he won the WSOP he was now elevated to poker superstar status as the best player available for that year.


My goal now is to discredit the gaming industry in the United States. It is nothing more than a simple farce. And it serves no real purpose in life. It is what I call: a mind fuck. Somehow because I was dealing the poker tournaments and writing about tournaments and events in Las Vegas, I seemed to walk right into things that were happening all over the gaming industry at that time. I really was not trying to spy on anything. I just happened to be in the casino on an assignment. And then inadvertently wound up being a witness to cheating and other crimes. I think the reason I saw so much going on was because this crap was going on in every casino and every day. So let me just talk about what I saw back then and let us see where it takes us.

First, I happened to meet one of the biggest business women in America at that time while I was dealing the WSOP. I was at a table where she was seated. And we got into a conversation about Elvis prestly. She made a comment on how he was the biggest selling artist of his time. So I made a statement that another big seller of that time was Ivory Soap. That Ivory Soap was the longest selling product, at that time, in the USA. She loved it. I think at that time she was in her early 70's. She like alot of other big money people in this country was attacted to the tournaments and the poker side action during them because of the big money involved.

Without directly mentioning her name, even though she most likely has passed away by now, I will hint at who she was and see if you can figure her out. Her father was called: The prince of merchants in the early 1900's in New York city. And she is credited with inventing the process of extracting aloe from the aloe plants and then selling this aloe to every cosmetic firm in the nation. Her product was and is still called Aloe Vera. And she was really a nice person and not that bad of a poker player also.

So, one day I am dealing in the side games pit and she is in the table just ahead of me in the lineup. I forget what they were playing, but it was a high limit poker game. So she sits down and calls for a marker. A marker is where the casino brings you any amount of money you request directly to the table and all you have to do is sign for it. It is a more common practise used in the Craps Pit. It saves you from having to go to the casino cage to get the money yourself. They deliver it for you. And it is based on your personal credit limit in that casino.

So she sits down at the table and calls for a $4,000.00 marker. So when the floor boss brings her the money, he brings her $40,000.00. in chips instead. Now this woman is one of the biggest businesses in America. And she goes ballistic over the mistake. She tells them to take the $36,000.00 overage back to the casino cage. And she keeps the $4,000.00 to play with. So the floor boss writes out a new marker for the four grand and scoops up the other chips and takes them back to the cage. And life goes on in the casino.

About three months later I am dealing on another tournament in another csino and I overhere a conversation with the tournament director and another player. Here the $36,000.00 never got back to the cage. And the corrected marker is lost also. When Jack Binion tried to collect the $40,000.00 from her, she told him she had the money returned to the cage. And she refused to pay him for it. So now Jack bills the tournament manager for what happened. but because he was not involved directly he refuses to pay it also. And I think Jack had to eat it. One of two things happened. One, the floor boss just kept the money and the marker. Or two, he turned it into the cage and the employees in the cage kept the money.

One thing people do not know about the Binion's Horseshoe Hotel and Casino is how much the Binion family was ripped off by their own employees every day of the year. It never stopped. There was so much money involved everyone in the casino went bonkers trying to get their piece of the action. No one had ever seen that much money before in their lives. And where there is money, there is always some criminal element trying to figure out how to get their cut of it.

I started coming to the WSOP at the seventh one in 1977. That was the year when Bobby Baldwin won it. So I am standing on the rail in the old tournament pit in the center of the casino. And that day there were about 11 high stakes poker games going on. And the action was big. The biggest I ever saw.. From time to time at any given table two players would get it all in against each other. And the whole poker room would stop playing. And everyone would get up and walk over to the table to see who would win the hand. So a big hand comes up. Everyone get up and goes to the table to see the outcome.

So a cocktail waitress working in the pit was cleaning of one of the tables and she reached out and grabbed a stack of money from one of the seats. Put it under her tray and walked out of the pit with $8,000.00 of that players money. Now the big hand is over. The players go back to their seats. And this player starts screaming. His money is gone. The eight grand is missing? I do not think he ever got it back either.

The Binion's had so much happen everyday that it effected them personally. One report is that a dealer was stealing chips from the table. And he got caught. And was taken into the basement and beaten so bad he died that night from internal bleeding. Another inciden thappened was when a player reached into a crap table and grabbed a stack of chips and then ran out of the casino and down the street. Then Ted Binion and the carp pit boss chased after hime. And when they caught him. Someone pulled a gun and shot him to death. The pit boss took the blame for the shooting and went to prison for ten years or so. But the rumor is that Ted fired the shot and the pit boss took the rap for him? Ripley's believe it or not.

I call the Binion's: The Texas Hillbillys. Three murderers and two died of drug overdoses. A history of cheating the WSOP from start to finish. Benny went to prison for income tax evasion. And the legend continues! One of my favorite stories about these bumpkins is when they hosted a Casino Owners $10,000.00 buy- in no-limit poker tournament. All the Las Vegas Casino owners entered. They all showed up wearing the western clothes. jeans, boots, bolo ties and stetson hats. When they got down to the finals Ted Binion and Jack Binion were the only two left. From there Ted won and Jack came in second. They had won there own owners tournament. And the legend continues.

One time at another WSOP, I am dealing a side game. And a player gives the tournament director $10,000.00 dollars and asks him to sign him up for the grand final no-limit tournament. So the tournament director takes the money and sits down at the table I am dealing at. He then loses the whole ten grand in about five minutes. And then he starts crying that as a player youhave to take every chance to get back into action and get ahead. He is like making up a story to qualify his losing the players tournament entry money in this side game.

So the player who put up the money tells Jack Binion. And when Jack comes looking for the entry fee money it is gone. And when he asks for it he gets this response from the tournament director that he cannot believe that the ten grand has just disappeared. And he does not know what happened. Once again Jack is had. After a while when I reflected on this event I came to this conclusion. That the tournament director got into the game and lost the money so fast because the other players at the table were in on it. He lost it all and at the end of the day he got his cut paid back from the other players in the game that won the money from him. His alibi at the table was so out of character. And he lost so fast it was beyond belief. People go off while gambling at high stakes. But not that fast. And the legend continues.

One time I was writing about a blackjack tournament at the Sahara Hotel and Casino. In the early 80's. It was the very first ever blackjack tournament held in Las Vegas. So I am standing on the edge of the tournament pit. There were about 20 tables of players in the tournament. And I am watching this woman dealer deal to the table closest to me. She was in her early 40's. And she could deal. Maybe she had been a dealer for about 20 years. So she shuffles up and starts dealing and then she deals every player the second card off of the top of  the deck. And then she deals the last card off of  the top of the deck to herself. It was an ace. She had a blackjack and she won the hand. As she was picking up all the losing wagers on the able she looked up. And she realized I had seen what she did. You should have seen the panicked look she had on her face. She knew I saw her. So another dealer comes in and replaces her. And she walked right over to the pit boss and told him I saw here. So I walked away and forgot about it. I could not prove anything so what was the point.

Another time I was on assignment to cover the first ever craps tournament in Las Vegas in the early 80's. It was at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino. So I was there everyday for about one week. And I would be walking from one side of the casino to the other all day long as the events progressed everyday. So one day I am walking pasted the bacarat pit. And I can hear the pit boss there complaining to another employee there. And he is saying he cannot believe the bad luck they are having in the bacarat room. Everyday they come in they are losing about $30,000.00 to start off with. And I look into the room and I can see this big fat mexican guy with all these girls sitting around him and the huge stacks of casino chips in front of him. His casino winnings so to speak.

Then I could see the room dealers standing outside of the pit with these worried looks on their faces. Like they were about to be fired. In those days dealing bacarat in a casino was the premier dealing job in Las Vegas. About $5,000.00 a week in tips each. The last thing on Earth you want to do is lose a job paying that much money.

So I go about my business. And then about three months later I am watching the news on TV. And there is this big raid and bust at this bacarat room at the Tropicana on TV. Here the mexican guy never won a hand. After an investigation by the gaming control board because of all the money lost in the room, they found out the dealers were just paying him after every hand weather he won or not. I think some 11 employees of the room and that mexican guy went to prison, at that time, for the cheating sceme.

These events in gaming have led to make the following statement many times in my gambling writing career. I feel that everyone who works in gaming management here in America should read the following book. I feel it should be required reading of all gaming management personel to read the book: Lord of the Flies.


I feel that I must explain myself just a little further about religion as I see it on Earth. So that anyone who reads me will know where I am coming from on this matter. What I am dealing with on a daily basis for 38 years is an idea. And I did not start this idea. This is an idea that started in the holy bible. It is an idea that hopefully will live in the minds of men for all eternity. That mankind can always revert back to the bible for guidence in this area of, for want of a better word, religious intelligencia.

I believe you cannot stop an idea once it is firmly established in our minds. An idea cannot be stopped. An idea will not cease to exist and go away. Because it is an idea. It lives where we live. In our minds. Despite all the effort to stop me in this country, for whatever reason, this idea will live on. Why? Because religion is for the good of mankind. It helps us and we need it. And I believe we as a race of human beings are headed down a special path on this planet because of these ideas. A path to righteousness and salvaltion.

In an effort to dispell the witchcraft put on my life by the us occult. This is where witches are encourged to interfer with me because of my past life. I am going to make the following statement. I know people ask how could a man who got into trouble as an adolecent even get called by God in the first place. The answer is really very simple. I am the only man on this planet that can hear God. I can hear him through the supernatural. And because of that he is stuck with me. I did not know my calling was coming until I was 27 years old. And while there were times where people involved with me as I grew up either saw my halo appear over my head for a few seconds from time to time. Or several people actually wound up in a hyperbole situation with me. Where events on Earth became distorted in an effort to send mesages to me to reassure me that these events were really happening.

When I was first called in 1978 I went into a mode of denial. I tried ti deny it was really happening for about seven months. But then the information I was recieving from the supernatural was so overwhelming that I knew then it was really happening to me. And I still know this until today. I could smooth it over about my past life and call it miscelaneous mischief. And I was told by God, at that time about certain things. To help me keep the faith and go forward. So until I get back to heaven there is really nothing I can do but go forward. So I told people before I left for Las Vegas in 1979 that I was going to establish myself as an authority on gamling in America. And I was then going to lead a religious movement against the mafia in this country. And I did just that.

And so far it has been going on in my life for 38 years. And all of this time I became subjected to interference in my life by withcraft. All of this time people have been manipulating other people, who do not even know me, against me and my personal life for their own personal gain and warped ideas about life on Earth.. Hundreds of people have been told they could earn money by interferring with my life during this time. And only one person ever got paid in 38 years of abuse put on me. The whole thing was just a hoax. And at my exspense. And for what it is worth there is another old saying about life on Earth. He who laughs last laughs best. I am going to have the last laugh on you.

And one more point I would like to make to these witches that think they can do anything to anyone because they are the peope that run Earth. If you have your own set of rules in your associations that go outside of the law. If the law of the land does not protect me from you. Then the law of the land does not protect you from me either.


Being involved with the HG since 1979 has caused me to a victim of vigalante justice in America. In Las Vegas, NV. I was put on public trial for 30 years by the powers club. Only to move back to Ohio in 2009 and find out I had been a victim of witchcarft for 38 years now by a group here called the US society. Both groups are run by the mafia in America. In Las Vegas I believed the entire work force of the casino industry, 280,000 workers, were numbver by the powers club. I now know every resident of Las Vegas and every business in Las Vegas is numbered by the powers club. As I have said before, you either run the powers club in your own business or they will run it for you. You can always tell which person in your company runs the powers club there, it is always the oldest employee of the firm.

The same is true for the US Society in the United States. You either run the US in your own company or they will run it for you. Us has become a shortcut for American nobodies who want to be a numbered somebody. People want to be more than what they are in life. They want to be the boss and give orders to everyone under them. This idea has been manipulated by the mafia. In America we elect people to govern us. The only people who give other people numbers to rule here are the mafia. They have been putting people ahead of people for hundreds of years. And they are experts at doing it.

One of the reasons these secret societies have flurished is that each member is required to pay two dollars a week to join and stay subscribed. I believe there are over 30 million Americans numbered in the US society. That means that the mafia is collecting $60 million a week from American citizens. While they are lead to believe they are working for the government. They tell you you are working for the governor. So you will think you are working for the governor of  the state you live in. When in fact you are working for a guy whose nickname is governer. Who works for the mafia.

My statement from actual observation is that behind every cash registier in America is a person who is numbered by US. From what I understand the saying is: We are the people that run Earth. You cannot even flush your own toilets. How are all of you hillbillies in life going to run anything on Earth? People want to teach other people lessons about what they precieve to be crimes on Earth. They are mislead to think they have the right to punish people, like me, for charges brought against them by this vigalante committee to teach them a lesson. The result is that US is considered to be an enemy of mankind by the HG. The penalty for being in a number society here is that you are barred from entering the Kingdom of Heaven. You cannot practice witchcraft on Earth and get away with it as a spirit.

We have laws in America. Everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty. We all have the right to a trail by a jury of our peers. We have a constitution in America that gives every citizen here rights on how to live here. That is for everyone except the US socieity. They have formed there own government in America. They have their own laws and they enact punishment on American citizens that they feel they have the god given right to punish as vigilantes.

Let me be very clear to all the citizens in America that were tricked into being members of this mafia US Occult movement. Inadvertently you have interferred in the Second Coming of Christ by interferring in my life for 38 years. And everyone on this planet that is numbered by society is barred now from entering the after world. And as far as I am concerned it is just your tough shit for being born onto this planet in the first first. The only charge in heaven more powerful than these charges is Capital Murder.

The one thing I would like to impress on human beings living on this planet at this time. I know this is for real. I know this is the beginning of the 1000 year reign of Christ. The problem is that you do not know for sure that this is for real. And how could you. You are just human beings. You can either take my word for it. Or you can go to hell. I know this is for real. I have been involved in it for 38 years. And I have no idea of giving up my beliefs and my actions to stop this occult movement.

The only way we can stop these mafia occult societies is to either massacre the entire mafia on Earth or to have every member of these societies realize that they have to stop participating.  And simply shut down the Powers Club and the US Occult society here in America.  Give it up or eat shit and die.


Because I worked on so many tournaments I just happened to be in the casinos all day long. And I would always see and hear things going on there. Now I know this was a long time ago. But the fact is that nothing has changed in Las Vegas. The people that run the casinos do not care about the tourists that come there to gamble . They are there to make a profit for the hotels and get their piece of the action anyway they can. Because there is no job security in gaming everyone working in Las Vegas has a limited time on the job. Most casino dealers at that time usually had a life on the job expectancy of around four years. After that you were thought to have had to much experience. And were by then to good at hustling tips from the customers.

What happened before they came out with new rules, in the 1980's, on just how much a player could tip the dealers: the dealers were beating the casinos to the money. After every hand a player would tip the dealer and then that money would wind up in the dealers tip box to be divided at the end of the shift by the other dealers dealing that day. That money would be out of action. And the casinos did not have a chance to win that money back from the players after they tipped it off. So the casinos changed their tipping policies and the big dealing jobs in the casinos went from about $300,000.00 a year down to $60,000.00.

To get hired in the casinos where the tips for the dealers was really high you had to get hired from the inside. And as long as the person who hired you remainded on the job you still had a job there. They used to say your job is only as good as your juice. Being the juice guy that hired you in the first place. If  your juice got fired then you were out of a job the next day. When the new guy fired the entire casino and replaced those employees with his friends and family and the cycle started all over again.

So I am working at Ceasars Palace, maybe 1986 or 1987, and a poker tournament comes there. The Amarillo Slim Poker Classic. This tournament started in the late 70's at the Sahara Reno. Then it moved to the Ceasars Tahoe. And then in came to the Ceasars Las Vegas while I was working in the poker room. It was run by a small time pool hustler from Amarillo, Texas. Who moved to Las Vegas amd won one of the early WSOP championships in the early 1970's.. At that time I think there was around 50 or 60 players playing in the tournament at that time. And he then got in with the mafia through the cheating at high level poker at that time. So he fronted for them on the tournament also.

We get down to the day before the official tournament schedule was to begin. The cardroom and tournament pit was packed with players playing in the side games. The cardroom had about 15 or 20 tables. And I think there was another 30 tables in the temporary tournament pit. So I am standing there on my break. And Slim is standing about ten feet away from me at the edge of the tournament pit. And this girl from the casino staff walks up to him. She pulls him over a few feet. And said please stand here they want to say something to you. So she faces him to the craps pit around 50 or more yards from where we were.

And someone in the pit shouts out above the casino noise so he could hear. He shouts, "Thanks for the money Slim. We got it today." It was there way at Ceasars to let him know the mafia made the payoff to the casino management. And it was business as usual. I think the payoff was for $30,000.00 for the casino execs to look the other way. A small price to pay to then get to cheat the tournament for a million dollars.

As time went on for me in Nevada, I was continually let in on things about Las Vegas and what was going on behind the scenes there. When one of the big casino execs from Ceasars was hired to run another casino there I was lead to believe that this exec had been invloved in skimmimg the profits at Ceasar World, Inc. That he personally oversaw the skimmimg of that hotel to the point when he left  he had over amassed  $400 million while he worked there.


When I was growing up in Lorain, Ohio, I was an illegal bookmaker from 1973 until 1978. Then in 1979 I moved to Las Vegas  to work for the HG. I never really thought that much about running a cigar store back then. Since I was 15 years old I was playing pool for money at a poolroom downtown that I went on to own for a while from 1971 to 1972. And I played poker all of the time on the weekends in high school. As far as I was concerned gambling was okay. It did not seem illegal to me. So I took a chance to make money and became a bookmaker.

But towards the end of my career I had a problem with being involved. No one ever won at my place. No one ever beat the horse races, no one ever beat the football parlay cards. And even thought I did not take straight bets on the football games, I could get a bet down on the games with someone else from time to time. Back then we all had the punch boards and tip tickets where you get a number on a tip and then try to win a cash jackpot by matching the winning numbers. This was a very   highly addictive form of gambling. Just like the scratch cards they have now on the Ohio lottery today. And everyone was coming into my joint and losing and it was getting to me. I actually had a mental breakdown at the end. And got out of the business with a bang.

My place was right across the street of the Grove gate of the US Steel plant. And hundreds of people would walk in and out of my door everyday as the plant changed shifts three times a day. And the place had been there for decades. It was in, for all purposes, a real legal gambling enterprise. On the wall I had the Casino Tax Stamp issued to all gambling businesses in America that was used to show I was paying taxes to the IRS every month on my gambling winnings. So you may wonder where was law enforcement. How could such a business even exist like that. Well, we had the OK.

Back then it was thought that they should let all of the factory workers in Lorain County have a little gambling action on the side. A sort of escape from the day to day struggle to work at these hard factory jobs. And they also felt that they should let a few local guys run the cigar stores that they knew, grew up with and could trust to make the payoffs when people won. And they could trust them not to get into any kind of racketering trouble. This is how the town fathers at that time kept the mafia out of Lorain. They let a few locals run the gambling instead. And these cigars stores really were not all that bad of a place. Most of them became an ethnic cultural meeting place. The old timers would come in everyday and talk about the good old days working at the mill. They would play cards for $2 a game at pinockel? and 66. And there were a few pool tables. Others would just come in and buy cigars and chewing tobacco and sit on the benches waiting to go into their shift at the mill that day.

The people that ran Lorain County at that time did exact a form of payment for the priviledge of running a cigar store. But it was not for personal profit. If you owned  a cigar store then you had to come up with money every year for the Lorain County Democratic re-election campaign committee. The way they would collect the donations would be to have a raffle. With a prize. And they would sell these raffle tickets for one dollar each. And we would buy them. I thought it was okay. I did not think this form of gambling was wrong. And it became one of the greatest experiences in my life. And I credit my time there learning about what "business" was all about that lead me to go on to Las Vegas and subsequently establish myself as one of the highest rated gambling authorities of all time.

Once I taught myself how to write professionally, at the age of 27, I was off to the races. Because of my gambling experience I had gained in Ohio, I easily got writing assignments, all over the country, on all kinds of stories about gaming. And I went on to write and publish over 500 articles in 50 magaazines. I invented software and board games and even wrote and obtained a US Patent on my board game High Stakes Challenge. I feel I made a difference in Ameican gaming in this country. And in forwarding all of my winning ideas to the gambling public. And for most of the time I did it for free. I gave it away for free, just as I still do today, in an effort to do something about the gambling problems in this county. And I owe it all to my illegal gambling career here.


If you come to this web site and you do not like the content. All I have to say about it is simply don't come back. I did not ask you to come here in the first place. These web sites are aimed at only one group of people. And that is the mob and their associates. If anyone else comes here and likes them then fine. And if you do not like it. That is fine also. My mandate in life is to try and stop this crime organization and the crimes they are doing in this country. I am here to let them know everyday on Earth that we know what is going on. And we will attempt to thwart this evey chance we get. The problem with dealing with the HG is that he cannot take action against you until after you pass away on Earth. And in most cases that is a long wait for you to arrive there for your final judgement. It amounts to a virtual lifetime of unchecked crime on this planet by these people.

Another thing about my writing is that it is not me you have to sweat. I may be the tateletale that is ruining your reputations, but you are not going to answer to me for anything. I am just a human being. I am just another human being getting the word out on Earth that all is not right here. And I feel as long as I tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth I can write about anything I choose  no matter how dirty it gets. As long as you tell the truth in the media there is no libel. You may get your feelings hurt and your reputation ruined. But as long as it is the truth there is nothing you can do about it legally.

I am now going to write something about my life that I never told anyone about. It really does not even matter anymore. But it matters to me. And I am telling the truth. As I know it. This happened when I was a poker dealer, I think it was 1986?, at Ceasars Palace.when I worked there around that time for 30 months.

Anyway, one night I am sitting at home and I get let in on a murder taking place by the mafia. I get let in on this by the HG. Here the Chicago Mob boss, Tony Aiuppa, ordered Tony Spilatro, the Las Vegas mob enforcer, and his brother Mike killed. Aiuppa blamed Tony for his downfall. Which included him going to prison. And Tony broke the rules in the mafia which is punishable by death. They have a rule no dating other members girlfriends or wives and no killing anyone in Las Vegas without permission.

Tony started an affair with this other mobster's wife. This all came out later on in the media after he was killed. And then he tried to kill her husband with a bomb under his car at a rib restaurant on Sahara Ave. But the underframe of his cadillac deflected the blast and he did not die. And that sealed Tony's fate. So Tony and his brother get called in to meet with their don in Illinois. So they go. They get tied to chairs and three giuys, which this also came out in the media years later, beat Tony and Mike with baseball bats and then left them alive in the chairs but only to die soon of internal bleeding. I heard it happen. I knew they were killed before they found the two bodiesburied  in a farm yard right across from Aiuppas farm out there.

They asked Tony why he let me get established as a writer in Las Vegas and they wanted to know where all of his loan shark money was. Which was mostly in California. When I was called to go and lead a religious movement against Tony and the mob, I thought I was going to be a lamb to the slaughter. I did not think I woul live more than six months. But seven years down the road at that time and I was still there.

So while they were sitting there dying Tony appologized to Mike for getting him involved in the mob. He told him he thought Mike could still enter heaven because he never killed anyone. I think Mike was just involved in prostitution and running hooker hotels for the mob. And then Tony told Mike he knew that I was for real. And I was telling the truth that I had been sent to Las Vegas to stop him for the HG. That I think is why he never killed me. Or used violence against me. He knew no small town illegal bookmaker would come after him in Las Vegas and make up a story like that. His fate was sealed. And then they both died. And I was glad I did not have to sweat him anymore.

He was involved in a court case for about eight years at that time over the burglary of a furniture store in Las Vegas called Berthas. And it looked from time to time he might beat the case. So armed with my orders to get him. I made up my mind that If I had to sacrifice my own life to stop this mass murcerer. then I would kill him myself. If he came out of this case not guilty. I was going to assasinate him. I would have gone to prison. And I would have been branded a lunatic. But this mass murderer that the HG was after would have been eliminated from Earth.


Another big mistake made by the people cheating the poker tournaments in Las Vegas and the California poker casinos was the multiple winners. That is having certain poker players win as many as three WSOP Chapionships and then go on to win maybe 10 or more different tournaments in their carreer. I started my writing carrer in Las Vegas in 1979 writing the first weekly column for a local tabloid on poker tournaments. And I started the first ever weekly poker tournament schedule. Even thought there were only two major poker tournaments at that time. The WSOP and the Amarullo Slim Poker Classic at the Sahara Hotel in Reno, Nevada. They was starting to emerge in Las Vegas a poker turnament circuit of smaller weekly tournaments. These tournaments would be held the same day every week. And the buy-ins would range from $10.00 to $50.00.

I played in them every week. And I wrote a poker tournament strategy column on how to win a tournament every week also. And I won many tournaments at that time. And placed in the money many times. At that time the tournaments only paid the top three place finishers with any prize money. Later after being cheated in a poker tournament at the then Tresury Hotel by "Bones" Berlin I wrote a poker column for a local magazine and I said as a New Year's resolution we should change the format and allow every player that got to the final table of a tournament to get a share of the prize money. And a few months later at the WSOP they did just that. And as time went on and the tournaments got larger they expanded the prize money payoffs to include all the players that got the the final three tables.

Playing in my very first tournament at the Treasury Hotel I got down to fourth place. And they called for a break. The other threee players and the cardroom manager disappered for ten minutes. When they came back I asked them to make a deal that the fourth place finished could get his $50.00 entry fee back. And Berlin blocked the idea. Here they had already made deal with each other. So as we were playing I made an all in wager and the cardroom manager was standing behind the one player and I heard him tell the player to call the bet. And he did. And I lost and walked out the door.

It was a couple of years before I realized the same players were winning all of the tournaments. I figured it out while dealing at a tournament at the Union Plaza. So the next day I went to the FBI and turned in a list of 16 players I thought were taking part in a cheating ring on the tournaments. A ring I later in life went on to call the Binion's cheating ring. The FBI told me there was nothing they could do about it. It was not in their jurisdiction. Gambling in America is not a federal crime. It is a state crime. States can legalize gambling if they choose. The FBI has a mandate to investigate some 230 crimes in America. But they cannot go out of their jurisdiction.

But while I was there they asked me if I knew anything about a casino owner losing a large portion of his fortune playing poker. After the owner of the Silverbird Hotel died. His estate was so much smaller than it should have been that his family asked the FBI for an investigation. He had let Doyle Brunson open a card room there called the Ten-Duece club. And he played poker with the boys everyday. The Ten-Duece referred to the poker hand ten duece of spades that he had when he best Bones Berlin in the WSOP championship. He has a picture of both of them holding up their cards in his poker book How I made a Milion Dollars Playing Poker.

I did have one piece of information. When I first moved to Las Vegas in 1979, I lived one mile from the strip in an apt. on Sahara Ave. Back then they did not have the sports betting line in the local newspapers. So I would walk one mile every night, while I was inventing my linemaker sports system, down to the strip. The closest casino to me that had sports betting at that time was the Silverbird. So I would go all the time and get the info on sports I needed. And while I was in there I saw the ten-duece card room. And I would walk over and watch the action in the side games there. I could not believe the poker action there. It was exciting to watch. They would play $200-$400 limit seven card stud and no-limit poker. And then someone pointed out to me that this guy at the table playing was actually the owner of the Silverbird.

So there was this one dealer who was working there. And later on I was dealing at the WSOP with this same dealer. So I asked him one time why would this casino owner even play cards against these professional players? With all of his money why would he even care. And why would he give the boys a shot at his fortune?
He was not sure. But he did tell me that if you were working at the cardroom on days he was playing. That he would only allow break-in dealers to go through the table he was playing at. That is novice dealers with no experience. He did not want any dealer dealing to him that he thought could cheat him. Actually, he most likely played so bad that no one had to cheat him to win money from him at all. His gambling ego made him into a sucker for poker.

So when I told this to the FBI they knew he did it to himself. If you know there is cheating going on and you continue to play then it is your own fault for losing. So they told his family there was nothing they could do about it.

So I went to the Nevada Gaming Control Board the next day and turned them in there. And nothing happened. Then I went to the Sun Newspaper and told them. Only to find out a few days later that the owner of the Sun newspaper owed Benny Binion a big favor.  Here in the sixties the casinos started a boycoot of the Sun. The paper would have been closed for lack of advertising revenue. And then Binion came to the rescue and backed the Sun until the boycott was over. I literally made my own trap and walked right into it. So nothibng happened except those 16 poker players went on to win millions and millions of dollars in tournament in the next decade or so.

To make a little side-track here. Years after I turned these players in I was dealing at the WSOP. Here Chip Reese and Doyle Brunson were playing in a pot-limit Omaha game with a guy from Toronto, Canada. And they beat him for about $250,000.00 that night. Now the guy really did not play as well as they did. But during the game I could see they were signalling their hole cards to each other. That is a big advantage to do that.

So the next day I go back to the Nevada Gaming Control. And I turn them in again. And this is the response I got: A dealer by, Nevada gaming rules, cannot bring a cheating allegation against a player. Only another player can accuse a player of cheating.So my accusation did not count. And I went home thinking this madness.

So back to my initial point here. My problem with the multiple winner idea of the tournaments is that I feel winning a poker tournament is a random thing. That day you simply catch more winning hands than the other players and win it. There is no super strategy to winning a tournament. In a tournament as the playing limits are raised  each hour you have to play faster and faster to win hands as the antes and blinds continue to take your stack of chips away slowly every hour. You have to keep getting the winning cards. How well you play poker has nothing to do with it. All players who play everyday will reach the same level of skill neeed to play high limit poker anyway.

So my arguement to the gaming control board was just how did they get all the winning hands to win ten of more tournaments each in the first place? It is so easy. You just have the dealers throw you the winning hands during the tournament. Many times as I made friends during my carrer as a dealer. I would ask these other dealers just how could a dealer run a deck up. And deal a winning hand to a player. And I never got a response. And those dealers never talked to me again. I still am not sure how they learn how to do it. But I believe it all has its roots in professional magic. In all magic books they show you how to manipulate the cards in a deck for card tricks?

One thing I do know for sure because it happened to me is that the dealers can deal you out of the winning cards. They can deal you out of the hand. In a deck of cards, if you use only the face cards as the upper cards and the rest of the cards as the lower cards the ratio is 36 low cards to 16 face cards. It is easy to shuffle a deck and constantly send a player the low cards. I had it done to me everytime I got to the final table of a tournament I played in. One time I played in a side game at the then Stardust Hotel card room. And I got nothing bu low cards for 10 hours. And everytime a new dealer came to the table they would give me this dirty look. As if to say "Hey dude what are you doing playing here in the first place?"

At the WSOP if you were a dealer that came year after year you would automatically get hired to deal on the tournaments because you had senority. So the dealers needed for special purposes always got hired back. When I used to go from tournament to another tournament all year long, at night when I was off, I would stand on the rail and watch all the games. At one tournament I watched a player show down a full house with three kings full. Then at the next tournament I saw the same player show down another full house with three kings full for another $8,000.00. And it was the same dealer. Then at the next tournament I saw the same player show down another full house with three kings full for about $10,000.00. And it was the same dealer again. This is when I knew there were players and dealers that were working together.

Because I dealt at every tournament every year, I could see which dealers also came to every tournament to deal. And nothing seem starnge about it. And then one day I was in the Union Plaza race and sports book. And I see this dealer from the WSOP reading the racing form and betting the horses there. And I remembered he only dealt at the WSOP that year He was not at any of the other tournaments all year long. Now I earned usually from $3 to $4 thousand dollars at the WSOP each year. Then I would be off for three weeks and then go to the next tournament. I would make about $1,000.00 a week for about 26 weeks or more of  work on the tournaments at that time. But he was not there . And I realized he could notbe making a living for an entire year on just $4,000.00 dolars a year. That is when it came to me that these type of dealers were working for the mafia and most likely getting paid on the side for it and maybe even every week to keep them going until the next WSOP. Well, I really was not in on it so we will never know for sure.

Another mistake made at the WSOP was when a player at the event would win two tournaments that year. He would be a double winner. This is a phenominum
that only happened at the WSOP. No other tournament ever held in the USA ever had a double winner. Only at the WSOP. So Jack Binion gets out of the Horseshow casino in downtown Las Vegas. And he moves to Tuepolo, Miss. and starts a river boat there for gambling. And then he has a poker tournament there. And he hires the same management crew and dealers from the WSOP to run the tournament. And then one of the multiple WSOP champioship winners shows up and he wins two tournaments. Same owner, same crew, same player and the same double winner event happens.

From what I was able to find out is that the player wins the first tournament and instead of giving up only one half the prize money back to the card room staff. he gives back the whole payout. Then when he wins the second tournament he gets to keep that prize money for himself. All the players that were in on the cheating had to pay 50 percent of the prize money to the staff or the mafia for winning.

Another thing happened one year when a tournament was about to start at the Golden Nugget Hotel and I got hired to deal it. I was standing on the rail watching the action in the side games. And I was right there by the tournament sign up table taking in the money for the entries of the tournament being played the next day. And another multiple WSOP championship winner walks up to the table and gives them his entry money. And then he says, "I bid 50 percent". The staff knew I heard that. They were giving me dirty looks. So I scratched my head and turned around and walked off like nothing ever happened. And I was never questioned or approached on this by anyone. All was forgotten. And that player won that tournament the next day.

Another big mistake that happened on the tournaments was when another WSOP champion, with no prior gaming experience, got hired as the casino manager at the Golden Nugget Hotel. Within one month he entered his own tournament there and came in third place for a prize of $100,000.00. And no one questioned it. That exec won prize money in his own tournament and he got away with it. I think he needed a large amount of money to pay off the people who voted in favor of him getting a key employee license to get the job in the first place. And maybe had to pay off money for winning at his own hotel? Unless he admits it we will never know. But history will record that one one the Binion's cheating ring won money in his own tournament. Shame on you punk.

Another thing that happened back then was when a player would win the WSOP championship, he would go on this trip around the world in Las Vegas. And he would win every tournament after that down the road and no one questioned this activity either. I think the feeling was that these champions were the greatest players at that time and after winning the WSOP they were supposed to win all the time after that. Afterall, these were the poker greats.


I just happen to be thinking about Jack Strauss and I remembered a few things I saw him go thru in the casinos. And I thought people may enjoy reading about some the crap that was happening in and around the poker tournaments back then all the time.

Here Jack wins the WSOP and then with all the money he then had he took a few people with him and he went to play in a poker tournament in South Africa. So while he is there he gets approached by these two girls in their 20's. Really good looking girls. Here he did not know at the time that they were little mini con men so to speak. Here they told him they had come across a large cache of red rubies on the black market there. And if he would help them get to the USA and help sell them they would cut him in on the sale. And they agreed to carry the rubies over the border and out of the country. He did not have to risk anything.

At that time illegally removing precious and semi-precious stones from South Africa carried a life sentence in prison. So Jack agreed. He paid there way to America. They put the stones in their bras and walked thru customs to the plane going to the USA. He set them up in a hotel when they got here at the currect poker tournament at that time. I think it was the Stardust Hotel. But it is so long ago I am not sure anymore. So I am dealing the tournament again. And as soon as he gets here with the girls word gets out to the entire hotel they have real rubies for sale at a great discount price.

So the word goes out in the poker community about the upcoming sale. And a couple of businessmen from Texas who also played on the poker tournaments set up a meeting with Jack to see them. Here he had gone on to wine and dine the two girls. Taking them shopping and so on. So the two businessmen show up with a guy who went to the Gemilogical Institue of America in Santa Monica, Ca. And he had his gem testing microscope and other things to test the stones to see if they were real or man made.

I also went to the GIA later on in life. But I took the Diamond Grading Course for $1,200.00 But I never learned how to grade semi-precious stones. So they go to the meeting in one of the rooms at the casino with Jack and the girls. Here they come to find out the rubies were man made and almost worthless. So the buyers backed out. And Jack was in shock.Here there is no law for smuggling man made stones out of South Africe. This is why the girls never worried about moving them out of the country. So the jeweler comes back down and starts playing poker at the next table over from where I  was and he sets the microscope right on the table while he is playing.

So the one girl tries to play it off and comes to the table to confront the jeweler's claim that they were fake. And he looks around and points to the microscope and he tells her that this is not a game. That microscope cost him over $6,000.00. And when he used it he could see by using it they were fakes. So she walks away and a guy at the poker table asked him what happened. And he replied all man made stones have a thing inside them called flux. And he could clearly see the flux in every stone he tested.

So now the other girl comes into the poker pit and walks up to one of Jack's buddies and tells him that Jack wants him to give her $1,000.00 until he can get down here and pay him back. So he gives it to her. And she walked out of the hotel, got a taxi, went to the airport and flew home. Now Jack comes down to the poker pit and he is looking for them both. You should of seen the look on his face when his friend tried to collect the money back. Because Jack never told her to do that. He had been hustled and taken by those two.

Another fiasco Jack was involved in dealt with a fixed horse race in America. Here Jack got the word from the mafia that a race was going to be fixed. So he mobilized some six people and they bet on the race for him at every race and sports book in Nevada. And the horse won. And they won so much money it kicked off an investigation in Nevada. And several people got arrested and questioned about the race. Here a guy I knew from dealing poker with him on the tournaments was one of the people arrested. So he came up to me one day and asked me for advice on what to do. He was being called in for of a grand jury investigation and he was scared he was going to go to prison.

I told him this was way over my head. But if you lie to a grand jury and get caught you could go to prison for that also. I never saw him again and I am not sure what happened to him. But for a few bucks paid for making and collecting the wagers he was in real trouble.

Another thing I remember was when Jack wanted to meet with me at another poker tournament. Because I was in all of the local tabloids every week in Las Vegas people would seek me out about which games I thought  were going to win that day. One time a player had been losing all day playing poker in the side games at the Stardust. And he asked me for a play. So I gave him one. And he bet $5,000.00 on it and the game won and covered the point spread.

So I was on one side of the poker pit on break and Jack was on the other. And I could see he was headed in my direction. So as he walked around the pit, I walked in the opposite direction every time. I did not want to meet him. Finally he asked a dealer to tell me he wanted to meet me. And I told the dealer I was not interested. And he never met me. I did not like Jack.He tricked a girl I knew into selling herself to some people at a tournament. I think she got $10,000.00 each. or he got the $10,000.00 or whatever. And I never liked him from that day forward. He was just a two-bit pimp in my opinion. And I really liked that girl. She just got into circumstances where she needed money and got taken advantage of by him and others.


While this story happened a long time ago in the mid eighties. I wanted to still use these events to show one thing about cheating in gaming. They did not make many mistakes in the 30 years I lived in Las Vegas. But I was there to catch a few big ones. Actually I do not feel things have changed that much since then. But I moved away from las Vegas for nine years now. I am out of it. And have no currect stories to relate on this matter. But my message is very clear. The gaming industry employees are experts at cheating and skimming. And they are hard to catch. And even if you do catch them chances are nothing will happen to them even then.

Anyway, the story of Jack Strauss Match Play Poker Championship actually starts for me in the tournament that preceded it. A TV station in Aspen, Co. promoted a charity poker tournament in Aspen. The main event was to be a head up poker match between a professional women poker player and the USA tennis legend Bobby Riggs. It was supposed to be a takeoff of the famous tennis match between Riggs and this other famous woman tennis player that happened earlier in America.

So I went to the promoter of the charity tournament and used my ability to get magazine article assignments to write about the tournament and I got hired as a dealer for it. Next I get introduced to the guy that was recommended to the TV stattion to be the tournement manager. And I could tell he was not happy I got on without going thru him first. He was a gambler that was in with the mafia his entire career. This was the guy that ran the poker room at the Horseshow Hotel in the late sixties before they even had the WSOP tournament which began in 1970.

The cheating at that cardroom was so bad that Benny Binion closed the poker room and never had another poker room in the hotel again except for four weeks a year during the WSOP every April. Eventually Binion purchase the Mint Hotel and Casino next door to the Horseshoe downtown. And they opened a small limit poker room there. I actually got a job there. And I was working there on 12/25/89 when Benny died. It was my last poker job in Las Vegas. By Feb. 1990 I was run out of the hotel by Johnny Moss. Because he was one of the big mafia cheaters in poker he harrassed me at the table while I was dealing everyday for months. Until one day I told him off and left poker for good. And Moss was one of the worst poker players I ever saw. But that is another story.

So we are going to the tournament in Aspen. A crew of five dealers and one woman floor boss from the Las Vegas tournaments all drive up in this van to Aspen. In the van are two of the best poker mechanics that ever lived in Las Vegas. These two dealers were selected to deal to the final table of every tournament I worked at for years. That is how I was able to spot them as cheaters. So I knew the fix was on. After we were there for about one day I arranged with the promoter of the tournament to introduce me to Bobby Riggs. Here this match was going to be for $50,000.00. So I quized him on his skill at playing poker. And then I told him not to do it. That he did not have any chance against her. She was one of the best players from that era. And Riggs had little or no experience in poker at all. So he backed out.

Then someone called in a bomb threat where the tournament was taking place. Everyone had to evacuate the building. I guess the plan was to take Riggs down for the money and then parlay that money into the WSOP to make an even bigger score later that year. One of the problems faced at the tournament was the poker tables did not have drop boxes to put the table rake into. The rake was kept on the table in large bowls. And the dealers then helped themselves to the rake. And the tournament only got a fraction of the money it should have for profit. It was one big shitty mess. Then the dealers that were there from Denver rigged the first tournaments for a local Denver dealer.

Then I saw the tournament manager go up to every Denver dealer to inquire about who was in charge there. And as soon as he found out he cut a deal with them. And then the big tournament winners from Las Vegas won every tournament there for the remainder of the weekend. So now the tournament is over. And we are getting ready to get on the van and go home. And this woman floor boss threatens me with my job on the upcoming WSOP because I left the charity tournament earlier on the last night on Sunday. So I went after her. I did not punch here, but I banged her around on the floor and up against the walla few times  before the other people stopped the fight. All the time I was screaming that I knew those people cheated the tournament. Then the hotel people threw us out the door for fighting. And I walked away and got on a shuttle to Denver. And then got on a plane and flew back to Vegas.

So now a couple of months later we have the Strauss tournament. So I get hired. I show up and I get blocked from dealing on the tournaments on the day shift by this same woman floor boss. And she let me know it also. So now I cannot get in on the lucrative tips for dealing the poker events there because I am now on swing shift. Actually at that time I had been interferred in my gaming career so many times befor it did not even phase me. I knew I would still make money on the swing shift.

Now here is the best part. Somehow Strauss got information that the crew at the Golden Nugget Hotel downtown were told about a optimum time of the year to hold a tournament and be successful at it. So he scheduled his tournament on those exact dates. Now the poker group of the Golden Nugget, who were the same crew that ran the WSOP every year for four weeks, went ballistic. So they went ahead and scheduled there tournament for the exact same dates. So the day comes for day one on both events and no one showed up Jack's tournament. All the pro poker players knew and were in with the Golden Nugget and WSOP group so they went where all their friends were running the tournament. And the Frontier tournament is completely ruined.

So seeing what was happening I went to the Frontier tournament manager. His name was Kenny and he was a friend of miine.I told him what they had to do was to switch the starting time of their tournaments from day shift to swing swift. This way when the players at the Golden Nugget got eliminated during the day events. They come go for a second chance tournament at the Frontier that evening. They changed the starting times and the idea worked. The Frontier tournament was now a full success. So I thought how cool. Now I am back dealing on the tournaments on the swing shift. Maybe yes, Maybe no.

What they did then is what I feel is the smoking gun of tournament cheating in Las Vegas. Because all the cheating dealers were on day shift. In order to help their friends win all the tournaments and get their cut, they had to switch all the dealers from day shift to swing shift. I went from swing shift to the graveyard shift and the graveyard shift dealers all went to day shift. To me it was one of the most obvious mistakes the mafia ever made in Las Vegas.

Prior to the tournament me ansd a girl who was running a local tourist tabloid magazine that I wrote for on a weekly basis went to see the publicity dept. at the Frontier. We told them we felt their tournament was going to be cheated. They listened but they did not do anything about it. Then the next day I went to the head of security at Summa Corp. who owned the Frontier Hotel and I told him about the cheating. And he did nothing  either. When I look back I really cannot blame anyone there. Going up against the mafia at that time was not a good thing to do.

One bright thing on the tournament that happened for me was when Benny Binion, who was a personal friend of Jacks, showed up and played in the tournament. He was in his mid eighties at that time. And he could barely see the cards that were dealt to him. And I got to actually got to deal to him on that tournament. I now had the bragging rights that I actually dealt poker to Benny Binion. And I am the only person alive today that can still say that.


In my effort to try and show the American public how corrupt the gaming industry is in America. I will continue this expose on cheating in Las Vegas. You must remember that these events happened almost 30 years ago. And the exact senarios I am going to describe here may no longer exist. But they did exist at that time as I actually lived these events in my own gaming carreer.

Because I was out in the casino insudtry everyday for about 11 years from 1979 until 1990 many times I was in the right place at the right time. And I witnessed many cheating senarios. Of which I will now try to show you just what is what like there back then. When it comes to cheating and skimming in Las Vegas you have to remember that these eople are experts in cheating and experts at not being caught cheating also. In the 30years I lived in las Vegas, these master criminals, made very few mistakes. But I believe I was a witness to a few real major mistakes made in the area of cheating in the casino industry at that time.

The following is a story of a low life professional gambler called Jack Strauss. Jack was a very aggressive no-limit holdem poker player. And he could be seen playing in all of the cardrooms in Las Vegas at the highest playing limits available at that time. I do not remember the year he won the $10,000.000 buy-in No-limit Holdem Championship at the Binion's  World Series of Poker. But as a dealer I remember after he won he left the dealers a $40,000.00 tip. That year I got a tip envelope for dealing the final championship for $800.00 for three days work.

Anyway, this is what happened. The day before the final championship is going to start, Jack goes completely broke playing in a no-limit game. He was trying to win enough money to pay the $10,000.00 entry fee the next day and final championship poker tourament. So he goes over to a friend of his and borrows one-thousand dollars. Next he goes over to a gambler who I knew that was a well known card counter in blackjack. And took that guy to the blackjack table and got him to try and win enough money there for him so he could enter the tournment the next day.

When I got off of my shift at the Binion's Hotel that day I actually saw them both at the blackjack pit on my way out of the door and heading home. My friend was playing and Jack was standing behind him at the table. I thought oh well thay are card counting to make a few extra dollars. What happend, which was later confirmed to be by my friend, was that he won over the ten grand needed. Jack then took that 10 grand and went across the street to the Leroys Race and SportsBbook and bet all the money on the NBA lakers game. And the Lakers won and covered the point spread that night.

So jack comes into the Horseshoe Hotel and puts up the 10 grand to enter the championship. He gets in and as he is playing he goes broke again in the tournament. He gets down to his last $100 chip and goes all in. And he won. And he continued to go all in every hand after that. And he won every hand after that. And he continued to win  every hand he played for the next few hours until he actually won the tournament. It is the biggest comeback in World Series history.

So now that he is a famous WSOP champion he gets his own tournament going at the now destroyed Frontier Hotal on the Las Vegas Strip. And when we continue I hope my story will enlighten everyone about cheating at poker in Las Vegas at that time.

I have made the decision to try and expose certain crimes in America to the best of my ability. And from my total experience in gambling for 50 years. I am doing this for two reasons. One: I believe I am the only person capable of writing about this with comviction and authority. And Two: I am going to get even with gaming for what was done to me there from 1979 to 2009 by the gaming owners and the powers club.

Because of the special effort by the U.S. government to thwart organized crime there have been many laws enacted in the area of gaming which prohibit the mafia from operating openly in the gaming industry. One of the most important laws is the one that states no made member of a crime family can even walk into a legalized casino in the U.S.A. It is a felony. In the old days the mafia ran the casinos and they did the hiring and firing of all the casino employees. So once you were hired you did what you were told or you would get fired. And those jobs were very lucrative at that time because of the tipping involved. And in the sixties and seventies no one paid income taxes on their tips. When I worked as a poker dealer at Ceasars Palace in the mid eighties the dealers in craps and blackjack were making about $300,000.00 plus a year in tips.

I will give you an example of tipping there that happened while I was making around $30,000.00 a year as a poker dealer. Many times they would have a World Heavy Weight Boxing Championship there. And just on the crap tables three shifts a day, during the week of the fight, every man of the four man crap crew for each shift would make $20,000.00 in tips for an eight hour shift. That is $80,000.00 per table each shift. And there were about 20 crap tables in the casino at that time.

Another big law was when the US government struck a deal with the teamsters union so that the union could no longer make loans to build casinos in America. The mafia could build any casino they want and for any amount of money. But the problem was they could not prove where the money came from because they do not pay taxes on their illegal businesses in America. So they borrowed the money to build the casinos from the mafia controlled, at that time, teamsters union.

This was right about the time the billionare Howard Hughes entered the scene in Las Vegas. And the time of the Kefaufer hearings in congress on organized crime in America. And many people in Las Vegas felt at that time it was time to get out. And Howard Hughes started to buy up everything he could in Las Vegas. When he died he owned some five casinos, the TV station, a radio station, the North Las Vegas airport and every undeveloped piece of land on the Las Vegas strip. I have read in an biography of his life that said he did not like the mafia. Most likely he had a previous run in with them in the movie industry when they controlled the movie industry unions at that time.

I believe Howard Hughes put up his entire fortune to take Las Vegas away from the mafia at that time. And as a result he beat the mafia to their own property explosion ten years later. When after his death properties that he purchased for $10 million? sold for up to $100 million. Those large sale prices went to the Howard Hughes Corp. not to the mafia. However, in being the first non-family casino owner on the Las Vegas strip he was continually cheated and had the profits of the casinos skimmed by his staff members who worked for the mafia all of their lives.

What most people do not know about Las Vegas is that while the mafia cannot own casinos there anymore, they controll the entire work force behind the scenes there thru a secret society called the Powers Club. In the mid eighties this Powers Club was running the entire city of Las Vegas from the employees of Ceasars Palace. Which was backed by the then Chicago Mob enforcer there Tony Spillatro. A man who is said to have killed 26 people at that time. So the mob used the club to skim the profits so that at the time he died those HH casinos were losing $50 million a year. And after he died with new management people running the show those casinos started making $50 million a year profit. I think HH may have known he was being taken advantage of,  but he just went out and got everything he could get his hands on anyway in that valley. He even bought up all the propery on one side of the valley with a partner that later on went on to be the Summerlin area.

So how did they skim the casino profits? There are many depts. in a casino where there is no record of the actual transactions. One is the poker rooms. And in many cases the casio execs can simply walk into the count rooms and just take a stack of money to the tune of $10 to $20 thousand every day. But here is a time honored way of skimmimg for all casino execs.

At the end of every shift the on coming bosses go to every table on the casino floor with the out going bosses and count all the money in the racks on the tables. Then for all the tables where the chips in the racks are to low to do business for the next eight hours they have to make what is called  a "fill". So let us say that the actual amount needed to fill those racks is $15,000.00. Then they simply take $35,000.00 from the casino cage to make the fill. And after the fill is made they then pocket the other $20,000.00 and walk out of the casino with it. This has and does go on in every casino in the United States.

Now that I put my foot in my mouth again. I decided it is time to sound off again about the criminal conduct in this country and against me personally. I believe I just witnessed, last week, two more dynamic accidents that looked like a coincidence again. I do not see where I have anything more to lose now. So I am going to start sounding off and making a public complaint again about things in this country that need to be addressed and corrected.

If you look at the win/loss record of Football Linemaker for the 2016 season you must be able to see the entire NFL is point shaving the games. Every week of the season I made a secret note on which game I thought the line was lowered on purpose. These suspect games came in more often than not. And I even won a Back to Back game based on the point shaving of a Monday Night game this year.

When you see all the effort I go through to handicap pro sports and then you see the poor performance of my software in 2016. You have to ask yourself just what is the point of betting on sports in the first place. How could anyone expect to win money betting on games where the outcome of the games are rigged. Based on which team in a game has more money bet on it  I feel that unless you bet the games wrong. And play for the fixed game you have no chance of winning at all. And I also believe that this point shaving has been going in the USA at this level since 1970.

And what do the football players who rig the games here get. Besides money they are made into public heroes. If you rig a Superbowl you get into all the talk shows, award shows and TV commercials. For doing the exact opposite in the game that you were supposed to do you even get put into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. To trick the public even further these players are assisted in breaking all the long standing sports records in the league for performance and scoring. What heroes.
There is a saying about life, "You sold your soul to the devil". Nothing could be more true of the pro athletes in this nation involved in this endeavor. Point shaving in my opinion is witchcraft. It is anti-life. And it cannot exist without the players on the teams being involved.

For ten years from 2000 to 2010 I told the gaming industry to stop using my linemaker systems to make the sports betting line. Did you forget that in Las Vegas? Because my sports line was used on the 2017 Superbowl my saying to Las Vegas is this, "You can all go to hell and stay there". Las Vegas is nothing more than a city of losers. I have a saying called the "four D's" of Las Vegas. It is a Dirty city, filled with Dirty people, who have alot of Dirty money and who do alot of Dirty business. That is what they call cheating in Las Vegas: business. The people of Las Vegas have lost the game of life.

Because of my 30 years, 1979 to 2009, living in Las Vegas I feel I am correct in making the following statement. That the casinos in Las Vegas cheated the American public everyday for over 85 years. And were made into hereos for doing it. I saw Las Vegas, while I lived there, cheat every football contest, every poker tournament and every season of pro sports. In 30 years I never played poker in a casino card room where the cards were not marked. And the mechanic poker dealers were deciding who would win each poker pot based on whether or not that poker player was kicking back 15 percent of his weekly winnings to the card room staff.

I personally saw many casinos rig the outcome of their other gaming promotions based on the age old mafia saying, "None of the prize money leaves the casino".
And to top it all off I was let in on information that showed to me the incredible amount of skimming the profits of the casinos by the casino owners. And many of them were companies listed on the American stock exchange while they were doing it. I also feel that the Gaming Control people were being paid on a regular basis by these casino owners not to act on these crimes. The casino owners in America are nothing more than a gang of witches practising witchcraft on the gambling public.

And what can we do about these crimes? Nothing. The crimes are to big. There is just to much money involved in cheating. My opinion is that the mafia does not care if they caught or not. Once they have the money all divied up the next day it is all forgotten and over with. The entire mafia endeavor in this country is all for profit. And at any cost. Their watch word is " I just killed ten people, but look at how much money I made doing it.".

To stop these crimes we have to stop sports betting. And we have to stop going to casinos. I feel the real reason we gamble is because everyone wants to be their own wheeler-dealer in their life when it comes to making money . Every week of the year we all get a paycheck. And then we go out and use it to conduct our own lives as best we can. But we want to make money on the side based on our own ideas and our own decisions. And gambling affords us the chance to do that. If only it were not a sucker game in the United States.


If you have been using the Linemaker Software system this year you can clearly see that there is no personal interpretation on who will win the games. Every play is decided for you by the system. And you can use the information provided by the software to make your own choices as well. But for the most part the system dictates who to play and who not to play. Going into the sixth week of the season the system is hanging in there so far. While it is picking the winners of the games, the actual sports betting line is winning out against it. It is losing percentage points on the win side because of how hard it is to beat the odds. By now you can see that the ratings are being adjusted every week. And I think they are starting to tune in a little more every week. Time will tell.


Like I saod this is not rocket science. Thiis is just a mathematical system on pro football that has merit. When I saw the predictions last week I was faced with something that happens every season. When my system stacks all the best bets on the away games I have the worst of it.I was going to say something in my newsletter about this. But you can only have so much negativity about handicapping sports.

One of my favorite saying is: What is the point of having a system if you do not stick to it. So when you have a bad week, for whatever reason, you just have to bite down and eat it. Teams in pro football try harder to win the home games. They have to sell tickets to the local sports fans. And while everyone enjoys going to the games at home on Sunday. The fans want to go to the games and see the home team win the game.

While this system is extremly accurate overall, it does not take into consideration the human condition. Players are out their playing with minor injuries and they are in pain the entire game. And from time to time they have let downs in their overall performance. I think bio-rthyms play a factor also. And their are other factors. Like the schedule of which teams a team will play duiing the season.


Well, I guess I am having a great week to start the 2016 season. And I want to make a few comments about this web site. And the software program itself. You have to remember that this is just a mathematical algorithem. It is a good one. And in the last 37 year history of using it to handicap sports I have had many weeks like this one. But you have to keep in mind that it is just a system. And pro football is just a game. This is not rocket science.

I have always felt that the system knows more about handicapping than I do. And one of the nice things about this software is that it cruches all the numbers acurately every week. You may win or lose using this method. But one thing for sure is that you will have an opinion on the games either right or wrong. And hopefully as the season progresses we will get more winning opinions than losing ones.

I am very proud that I invented this method in 1979. And I am also very proud that I give it away for free.I feel that I got alot more mileage on it by making it free as opposed to selling it. I lived in Las Vegas for 30 years from 1979 to 2009. And during that time Las Vegas topped out at about 30 million visitors each year.But I was informed that the market for people who actually pay for professional gambling information is about 5,000 to 10,000?

Also I wanted to point out I made a few mistakes on my sports betting page this week.There were two low total games at 42.5. And they split 1-1. And I did not list Det. as a best play. But if you look up the chart you can clearly see the three needed indicators showing it as a best bet. So I am taking credit for it on my win/loss record keeping page.


Linemaker Software started out as a do it yourself mathematical hadicapping system in 1979. Then it was published for the first time in a self published manual titled "Sports Betting Textbook" around 1980. When I first started to invent this system in Sept. - Oct. 1979, the bulk of the method was finished in about four weeks for pro football. Then over the next two years. I would get a new idea every day. I would write the idea down and test it. And the idea worked out. And in the next few years I expanded on this method to include the pro sports of  Pro Basketball, Womens Basketball (when the league started). And Canadian Football.

Then I got involved in a sports hadicapping program for adults at the local college in Las Vegas.In the class two very important ideas were brought forward on this method. One was how to make best bets from the combination of using the overall predicted score with the adjusted score and then with the defensive power rating. And how to make the home/away power ratings.

Then I started to make this method into a software program. And because of all the interference from the gaming industry it took me 14 years to complete the software project. After going through four computer programmers I finished the software as you see it today at a cost of $18,000.00. Then in 1999 I started the web site. And I have been publishing winning information on sports betting ever since.

Around 1984 this method was taken over by the oddsmakers making the line at that time. Against my wishes this method became the official outlaw outline in America. That is to say the first line made in this country. The method was winning so big at that time that the gaming industry had no choice. Either pirate my line from me or close sports betting. I could not be on the line itself because I was not in on the point shaving in pro sports. Only the mafia oddsmakers could work on the official sports betting line.

What I did was to legitamize the mafia oddsmakers in Las Vegas. They now had a line that worked and for the first time. Then as they established themselves as the real oddsmakers. I actually wound up giving this winning sports method to both sides at the same time.They then used that line to rig the games. The so called suspect games. And the rest is history. For 16 years now I have caught them using my line. And using the line to rig the games.Try to imagine the mafia ripping off an apostle of God for his invention. And then using it to fix the pro sports games in America for 16 years. It does not get any dirtier than this in the gaming industry in America. And everybody is involved. Including the casinos, politicions and government agencies.


Today I am starting a completely new newsletter on this web site.All of the old information previously published in this newsletter has been erased. This is the fourth time I have completely erased this newsletter and started over from scratch in 17 years. As I said before, I am tired of reading the same story over and over again from all of my years as a professional sports handicapper. It is time to start over fresh and see what I can come up with in my new coverage of pro sports in America.

As we start over with a new beginning and a new attitude about handicapping sports after a six year layoff, I would like to make a few initial comments here based on my history of using Linemaker software. First is that the reason I took six years off was the point shaving was just to much for me to deal with then. And second was that I was working at a job I really liked and I did not want to drag that employer into my private war on point shaving in America. And thirdly, I decided to cool it for awhile because I was starting to threathen everyone on this matter in this newsletter. And I just came to the idea that these types of threats were uncalled for in American media no matter how passionately I felt about this crime.

But now I am back. So let me say a few things about handicapping pro sports. If you use predicted score to handicap sports, you can only come to one conclusion eventually: That the players are point shaving - period. I have caught them on this web site dozens of times. And you cannot have point shaving unless the players on the team are involved. And to those involved in cheating here you ripped off the games in front of the entire universe. You did not get away with it.

As you already know I have invented a type of game called the Suspect Games. These are games played where I accussed the oddsdmakers of lowering the lines on purpose. And then tricking the sports betting public to bet a false favorite. And then rigging the games the other way by getting the best team to lose on purpose to make more money. And I called these games in advance of the actual games being played. And I was successful and kept a win/loss record on the games for seventeen years. On the last week when I quit handicapping in October 2010. I called six Suspect Games. Five were on Sunday and one was on Monday night. I went five for five on Sunday. And just missed my prediction on the Monday night game and I quit handicapping for six years.

I will not be calling the suspect games this year. The reason is that in the last few years I was handicapping when I called a fixed game they would simply rig the game the other way instead so that I would get the play wrong. And this way every season I would start out with a losing record on this matter. And then have to wait during the season and call these games in situations were the betting money was so big they would have to go ahead and rig the games anyway. So in 2010 that was the end of calling the suspect games in advance. However, I feel this has worked to the public's advantage now. With no focus point from me as to which games are likely to get ripped off the public could still decide on thier own which games were going to be suspect. And the oddsmakers could not figure out in advance which games the public would and would not fall for over the wrong lines listed. And I feel that may have caused the people who book sports a few extra dollars every week. The best thing you can have happen to you is when you bet a game wrong. And then you watch the game. And the game is rigged exactly as you bet it wrong.

The way I came up with the idea for the suspect games in the first place was that around the year 2000 I would make comments on the line. And when I saw a line that looked to low, I would call it a mistake in the line. Then one week I realized the mistake in the line was being done on purpose. And the idea for the suspect games began. It only took me 20 years of handicapping sports everyday to figure that one out. And I feel I have done my best to figure it out mathematically ever since.You can find your own suspect games every week. All you have to do is to look for a team that is a big favorite to win the game. And then judge for yourself if the line on that favorite looks to low. Keep a record every week of these plays and see if you can catch on as to how to bet the games the wrong way.