Here are the betting lines and predictions made for Pro Hockey by Next to the Linemaker or Jim The Bookie's Line is the Opening Betting Line. The Linemaker Line can actually be used by you against the actual Betting Line to make selections. You play the favorite, underdog, over or under based on the difference from the Linemaker Line to the Betting Line.

Linemaker Best Bets: RED.

One thing to remember about professional hockey: There is no point shaving going on. Not now and not ever. I do not handicap hockey at this time. I like hockey. But it is to time consuming. And I do not have a software program to use in my analysis of who is going to win the game.

About ten years ago or so you could find a team ranking for every team in the league on the NHL website.. At first it was updated once a week. It was okay but not powerful enough to consistenly predict the outcome of the games. Then the NHL started publishing the rankings everyday of the season. And I started predicting winners everyday. Then they went back to doing it only once a week again and I lost interest in handicapping the game.

When I now look at the modern web site. I can see the same statistics needed to handicap hockey but in a different format. But the player and team statistics are very well represented on this site. I say if you want to try and handicap pro hockey then you must go to the official web site. Get familiar with all of the different stats presented there. And then look for combinations of stats than can be used to form your own team rankings in the league and what can or what will not win for you.