On this page is the opening line for Pro Baseball made by Linemaker.Com. And next to the Linemaker Line is the Betting Line. The  Linemaker.Com line can actually be used by you, the sports bettor, against the actual Betting Line to make selections on Pro Baseball.

The Imposter lines, where the mafia has used my line on a game rather than their own line on the betting line, are listed in RED.

You play the favorite or underdog, or you play the over or under based on the difference of the Linemaker Line from the Betting Line.

Games where the opening Las Vegas Line is "Suspect" have those teams listed in BLUE.

Last week's "Bye" teams playing this week have the teams listed in GREEN.

Team's that played last Monday Night are listed in PURPLE.

Team One is listed in ORANGE.

Team Two is listed in YELLOW.

The Team selected to win the Superbowl is listed in GREY

The High Total and Low Total for the week are listed in BLACK BOLD text.

Linemaker Best Bets are listed in  RED.