Here are the betting lines and predictions made for Pro Baseball by Next to the Linemaker or Jim The Bookie's Line is the Opening Betting Line. The Linemaker Line can actually be used by you against the actual Betting Line to make selections. You play the favorite, underdog, over or under based on the difference from the Linemaker Line to the Betting Line.

One thing to remember about pro baseball: There is no point shaving going on. Since the Black Sox cheating scandal in the early 1900's pro baseball has been playing it straight ever since.

I currently do not handicap pro baseball. I like baseball. Handicapping baseball is to time consuming with no guarantee for me that I will predict winners. And I do not have a software program to assist me in predicting winners.

In the last 35 years I only know of two winning pro baseball systems that were published. That does not mean that today's sports handicappers do not have their own winning baseball systems. It just means that they have not published their systems. Jack Painter published a book in 1985 that was the first pro baseball system published that had any merit. It was titled: Sports Betting A Winners Handbook by Jerry Patterson and Jack Painter - New York - Putnam. Then Jim Barnes came along a short while later and did a takeoff of Jack's system while he was helping him with the sports handicapping adult education classes. I actually have every book Jim Barnes ever did. And the system is in that collection. Jack Painter's book had 5,000 copies printed in the first and only printing. Truly a collectors item if you can still find one. I recently saw a few for sale on for $70.00 and $140.00 each.

What happened with Painter's system was that he had this adult education class for sports betting  going on at CCCC in Las Vegas around 1981? There was about 100 students there. Jack was the kind of guy that if he advertised he was going to hold a sports betting seminar in a local casino in Las Vegas there would be 1,000 handicappers waiting in line at the door to get in for about $15 each.  And he pulled in as guest speakers the top handicappers and gamblers in Las Vegas at that time. So he starts this community college class. And student after student starts coming up to him and showing him some of their handicapping ideas on baseball.

So Jack starts to compile this giant system on handicapping baseball from all of these ideas. And it has merit. One thing I remember about Jack is that they had these weekly football contests in Las Vegas during the football season. If you get the most plays correct that week in the contest you would win $10,000.00.  Jack actually won that one week. I was impressed. When Jack started teaching the big baseball system and when he published it with Jerry Patterson the big thing that happened was that every handicapper of merit not only began handicapping baseball with it, but they also added their own twist to it. This accounted for over 100 plus different variations of the same system. One handicapper I met who was in his 70's at that time showed me a variation that he used everyday for his sports handicapping service that just blew my mind.  And Jerry Patterson was not only a recognized writer in gambling. He was one of the top blackjack card counting experts in the USA. He wrote many books on how to beat blackjack. And he gave, how to win at blackjack, seminars where gamblers paid $350.00 each to learn how to win playing blackjack.

Basically what it is all about is that you use the system to make a set of pitcher ratings for the entire league. And then you make a set of hitting rankings for every team in the league. Something like how many runs does the teams score based on how many at bats for each player? And so on. And then using the two together is very subjective based on other handicapping materials needed to make winning plays. You make a line price for every game because there is no point spread used. You just bet the games straight up based on the price you have to pay to make the wager. And then you compare your price against the official baseball betting price to make a play.

What makes handicapping pro baseball hard is that there are nine players on the team in every game that can score during the game. If you want to persue handicapping pro baseball then you should visit pro baseball's official web site and use the statistics found there. One statistic found there that I like to use as a quick reference is the Win/Loss Streak statistic.