Here are the betting lines and predictions made for Pro Baseball by Next to the Linemaker or Jim The Bookie's Line is the Opening Betting Line. The Linemaker Line can actually be used by you against the actual Betting Line to make selections. You play the favorite, underdog, over or under based on the difference from the Linemaker Line to the Betting Line.

One thing to remember about pro baseball: There is no point shaving going on. Since the Black Sox cheating scandal in the early 1900's pro baseball has been playing it straight ever since.

I currently do not handicap pro baseball. I like baseball. Handicapping baseball is to time consuming with no guarantee for me that I will predict winners. And I do not have a software program to assist me in predicting winners.

What makes handicapping pro baseball hard is that there are nine players on the team in every game that can score during the game. If you want to persue handicapping pro baseball then you should visit pro baseball's official web site and use the statistics found there. One statistic found there that I like to use as a quick reference is the Win/Loss Streak statistic.