James M. Gohlke

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James M. Gohlke
Nicknames : "Jim the Bookie."
Age : 65  Race : White   Sex: Male/Single  Citizen : USA

Gaming and Gambling Experience:
Age 15 to 21: Professional Pocket Billiards Player
Age 18 to 21: Owner Pool Palace Recreation Billiard Parlor
Age 21 to 27: Owner Jim's Recreation - Independent Illegal Bookmaker. Taking wagers on sports, horses and parlay cards.
Age 27 to 45 : Professional free-lance writer specializing in gaming. Publishing over 500 articles on gambling in over 50 regional publications. Editor of the Las Vegas Today, Sports Handicapping Weekly, Sports Form and Sports Book tabloids in Las Vegas. He also wrote the first weekly newspaper column on the weekly poker tournaments in Las Vegas starting in 1980. And he was the first gambloing writer to publish a weekly local Las Vegas poker tournament schedule showing what day, what casino and what the tournament buy-ins were for the low buy-in weekly tournaments held.
Age 27 to 38: Professional poker dealer. Working in over 20 casinos and on 25 major poker tournaments specializing in dealing high stakes poker.
Author : Sports Betting Textbook.
Inventor : All of the four Linemaker Software products and the Sports Betting Textbook method of predicting professional sports. Inventor of the sports handicapping science:"True Strength" for predicting the final scores of Pro Basketball, Pro Football, Women's Basketball and Canadian Football sporting events. Inventor of the idea of using an offensive and defensive power rating for predicting the final score of basketball games.
U.S.Patent: Inventor and writer of U.S. Patent 5,372,366: Method for Playing a Board Game. The first board game ever invented for playing poker and pocket billiards in America.
Publisher : web site, web site.  Linemaker software and the High Stakes Challenge board game.