How to Download: Linemaker Software, Data Files and User Guides.

On the  Home Page "click" on the Linemaker button for the files you want to access either Linemaker Software, Linemaker Data files or User guide. After that, you go to that page on the web site. Where you can then "click" on, any of the Linemaker files available to download for free. Linemaker software, data files and user guides can be downloaded for the following sports programs: Football Linemaker, Canadian Football Linemaker, Basketball Linemaker and Women's Basketball Linemaker.

At the bottom of the Linemaker Data Files page you can also click on the "Last Data Update" button. Here you can see what the last date was when the last current data files (.dat) , which can be used to update the Linemaker Programs automatically, were uploaded onto Here you just download the data files, and then drag them over the data files that were previously onto the linemaker software program on your computer in the first place to automatically update the software without having to make any data entry of your own.
1. To download the software, data files or user guide files onto your computer. Go to linemaker web page.Click on the button for either the software or data files.And go to that page. Then click on the type of software, data file or user guide you want to down load. Then using the file menu go to the "save as" button and click that on. Next in the "save in" box put in Desktop. Then click on "save" and save the file to the desktop of your computer.
2.  Then"click On" the file to open it.
3. You now have three data files: team info.dat, perform.dat and schedule.dat. Or the user guide or the complete software directory on your desktop.
4. Put the correct linemaker software file onto the desktop also. And click it to open it.
5. Then click on and hold the mouse button onto the data file you want to upload onto the software.
6. Then drag the new data file over unto the old data file on the software and release the mouse button.
7. The new data file will replace the old data file. And repeat the same process for the other two data files.
8. From there you can save the data files if you ever want to go back to that week of the season again for review later into a documents folder.
9. To use the user guide click on the file and open it. Acrobat Reader will open the user guide PDF file. Then you can read it.

Linemaker software is written in the Pascal (2) computer language. It will support any parallel port printer either dot-matrix or laser or ink-jet. And these software programs can be used on any computer up to and including any Intel Pentium 4 computer. And it is compatible with any windows operating system up to and including the current Windows XP Operating System. However, it will not work on windows seven and higher. And it will only work on a 32 bit computer, not a 64 bit  However, I have read information recently that states the problem is not the 64 bit operating system. The problem is Windows 7. Windows 7 will not run many 32 bit software programs. And I have not tested yet whether a Windows 7 32 bit  operating system is any better. 

(2017 User Update)

I have just found out you can run 32 bit computer programs on a 64 bit computer. Instructions are everywhere on the internet. Use Google to find them. Basically you need to download a Windows XP mode program. And then download a Windows Virtual PC program. What this does is to enable you to put a fully licensed  32 bit Windows XP program onto your computer. And then using the Virtual Machine program you can actually create a 32 bit computer environment  on a 64 bit computer on the Virtual Machine software program.

Another option is to partition your C: Drive on your Windows 7 64 bit computer. And make a new drive with enough space to install Windows XP. And then install the 32 bit Windows XP onto the free space of the new drive you have created. See instructions on Google to fine tune the install..

I have not tried this yet. But I am going to consult with a local PC Tech soon. And then see about the USB printing also?

(Special Note: Linemaker software is programed in the Pascal computer language to print on the LPT1 printer port (parallel port printers). If you have a new computer printer that uses a USB port instead, you will not be able to print the pages of Linemaker Software? Time moves on. Until I upgrade the programing of this software you will have to rely on the computer screen only to make your selections. And you can simply write down all the linemaker information needed to handicap sports in a notebook. And if all you have is a 64 bit computer you can read Sports Handicapping  Textbooks provided with each softwre program and do the entire system manually by hand in a notebook also.

Please put the files for each sport in a separate folder on your computer. That means having a separate file folder for each sports program. There is no copy protection on these programs. And they are uploaded to the web site with no viruses and /or spyware programs. Just choose the "start" button on the windows directory for the Linemaker software program you are using to begin using the program. And all should go well. If not, just tweak the program windows options a little bit and all should go well. Try clicking on different combinations and senarios untill all is working well.

All the data files do is to give you access to the "Main Menu" without having to start from the "setup.exe." file or the beginning of the program. Current data files take you to the current week of the season for that software program.

The Linemaker Software programs, Data Files and User Guides are placed onto this web site download page using a "Zip" utility program for compressing files and sending them via the internet using FTP software.Which means you need to "unzip" them when you get them onto your computer by clicking the mouse pointer on them. And then open the zip file up.

To read the Linemaker User Guides you need to have the program "Acrobat Reader" installed on your computer. Acrobat Reader allows you to open and read the entire Linemaker Software User Guide for each program. To use the programs, without the currect "data files" uploaded from the web-site, just read the user guides and follow the instructions. And then start from the beginning of the season and start to use the program at the setup.exe file. Enter the correct data, and then begin handicapping each linemaker software program from the first week or first day of the season for the league you are handicapping.